Posted by Dave Panabaker on Oct 16, 2017
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed Chris Christie to the meeting today, to provide an update on the activities of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta.  Chris began by congratulating the club on our Centennial, this year is the 25th anniversary of the Community Foundation.  Chris started in February of this year, and made a point to mention that the previous ED Mike is no relation, but she now has him on speed dial to try to catch up to all the intricacy's of the job.  It has been a long process.
Chris mentioned that over the course of those 25 years, over $5 million has been given out to deserving projects and charities.  The CFSEA now has over $12M under management in the endowment, and employs a professional manager for the funds.  She was very happy to report that they achieve an administrative cost of 1.5%, which is superior to many charitable organizations.
She spoke about the rebuilding of the office staff over the summer and the work that has gone on to put out Vital Signs 2017.  She believes, given the work involved that it will not be an annual publication in the future.  She advised that they are working on giving advisory groups in both Brooks and Oyen, to help direct local funds in the best way.  She also spoke about making grants both responsive and impactful.
A good crowd was on hand to ask a few questions, and Chris was thanked for her work by President Karen.
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Posted by Dave Panabaker on Oct 16, 2017
Introduction of Guests‚Äč
  • Chris Christie, ED of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta, our guest speaker.
  • Mark Bolander, an approved member waiting for induction. 
  • Joe Chacko                October  20.
  • Uwe Krickhahn            October 24.
  • Jack Snedden             October 26.
Club Anniversaries:
  • Dale Stein                  - October 22 2007   -  10 years.
Weekly Draws:  
  • Mark Bolander won a set of merlot wine glasses in the club draw.
  • Roger Roy WAS in attendance and won a free lunch in the attendance draw.
Club 500:
  • The $1,500 winner was Kristal Lawson, on a ticket sold by Chris Perret.
  • The $500 winner was Mike Collinge, on a ticket sold by Adolf Seiler.
There were two draws this week, because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.
Make Ups:
  • None announced. 
Family of Rotary:
  • Other than a story of Ron Learmonts adventures, Adolf Seiler had nothing to report.
 Minute People:
  • Dave Panabaker did a minute on an upcoming bingo, on the posters and promotion of World Polio Day, Oct 24 and on please responding to the event emails either in the positive or negative.
  • Heather Bach, Program Chairperson, announced that Oct 30 will be both a business meeting and Halloween....please come to the meeting in costume to win a prize.
  • Margie Booyens is recruiting helpers for "Raising the Curtain" on Diversity, a City of Medicine Hat limitative.  If you are interested in providing some  assistance please see her.
  • Anne Carrier had an update on the Medicine Hat high school Interact club.  They have two upcoming fundraisers, a bake sale to coincide with the parent teacher interviews  (Wednesday Oct 18 from 6 - 8 pm and Thursday Oct 19 from 3:45 to 6:15 pm)  As well they will be marking "purple pinkies for polio" on Oct 24, World Polio Day.  They will also be helping with the CORE hot meal program over the school year.
  • Bruce Shepard, Membership Director reminded the Membership Committee that a meeting was scheduled for Tuesday at 4:30 at the MH Chamber of Commerce boardroom.  He also plugged his presentation at the MH College on Wed evening, which focuses on the demise of the native Bison.
  • Chris Perret announced that Club 500 tickets were now available and could be picked up after the meeting.  This is a principal fundraiser for the Music Festival, so please get yours soon.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Oct 02, 2017
    One of the activities that new Rotarians are asked to perform is to give a short presentation to the club about themselves, introducing all of us to their family, their career and the activities in their lives that have brought them to Rotary.  This week we were all pleased to learn more about Jillian Koch, a new Rotarian in the last year, who is currently an Accountant and Partner with JMH & Co. in Medicine Hat.  Interestingly, accounting was not her first career choice, in fact she was certain that she was going into Library Science.
    She grew up as a reader and lover of books.  She still is!  She was born and raised in Medicine Hat, her father was in construction and her mother an English instructor at the MH College.  As a teenager she worked in a number of libraries in the local area.  However when she went to university in Calgary, she got a degree in archeology and spent a little time working in the field.  However she soon learned this wasn't the right career for her and went back to school, eventually obtaining a degree in accounting.
    She has now spent 9 years with JMH and in the company of her Wheaten Terrier, enjoys reading, cataloging and yoga in her new home.
    She has enjoyed the opportunities of Rotary, has been active in our Gala committee last year and worked on the International Service committee.  She is the incoming treasurer of the Rotary Music Festival Society and looking forward to that challenge.   A number of questions were asked and answered and we all enjoyed Jillian's talk.  Again, welcome to the Rotary family.
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    Posted by Dave Stalwick on Sep 18, 2017
    President Karen announced today's program for today has been rescheduled until October, so she decided to have Heather Bach provide some in site to the club members.
    Heather distributed a Questionnaire to each table. The questionnaire had each table answer 9 questions. These answers allowed us to see the depth of the commitment from our fellow members.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Aug 21, 2017
    At the business meeting of the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat today, the Treasurer, Gail Halderman presented the 2017 - 2018 Club Budget on behalf of the Board of Directors.  He began with the Financial update and a quick review of the Statement of Financial Position.
    He reviewed both the proposed General Fund and the Service Budget.  This budget incorporates the Club's Centennial Project, which will likely require a check presentation in the late fall of this year, as well as funding for our youth programs, and an international project.
    After answering a question or two, Gail moved, seconded by Linda Rossler that the proposed budget be adopted by the club.  The motion was voted on and passed.
    A copy of the budget is contained in the Clubrunner, Club Documents area for review by any member at any time.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Aug 14, 2017
    The Rotary club was delighted to welcome Aimee Sarsons, Community Education & Awareness Worker for the Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society, to speak to the club about the activities of the society and some of the recent physical relocation of programs that has occurred within the group.  Aimee was welcomed by President Karen Blewett.
    Aimee spoke about the role of the Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society, the short term help available through the Phoenix Safe House and the longer term education, support and counseling that is provided through Musasa House.  She went through a number of other programs, and course available to families, particularly children of family violence.
    Due to space issues in the original facility, their Outreach Program has grown from 1 Outreach worker to 3.5 workers. Outreach is located in the Ridge professional building in order to lessen stigma of attending a shelter for support. Safe Families Intervention Team (SFIT) does the same work as Outreach, they just do it out of the police station. In addition, the workers and the officer come to the Ridge office once a week, in order to have effective team building and communication. 
    Aimee's presentation is available on the club documents section of our website, if anyone is interested in more information or potentially volunteering for their agency.
    Presentation on Medicine Hat Womens Shelter Society Dave Panabaker 2017-08-14 06:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Aug 07, 2017
    This activity happens once a month, and sometimes we forget that it is going on, so thanks to Terry Cooper for taking a few photos of members of the club at the CORE Hot Meal program on Wed August 2nd.  Great work everyone.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jul 31, 2017
    The monthly business meeting started out with a short presentation about the Rotary Float in the recent Stampede Parade.  Margie Booyens, Director of Club Service reviewed the work done by all the volunteers and she thanked a number of Rotarians from all three clubs in the City.
    President Karen showed a few of the photos of the float, which she posted to Facebook today. She also had a great time both participating in the decoration and riding on the float last Thursday.  She made a note of the contribution of a number of Rotarians, including Marvin Barton from the Saamis Club who provided the trailer and IXL who provided a great spot to work on the float. Karen also thanked Anne, Chris, Margie, Don and others for participating.
    The second half of the meeting was handled by Club Secretary Doug Fleming, who spoke about the changes to the attendance requirements under Rotary's new, less restrictive rules and how many of our activities, like the Stampede Float now count as "make-ups" and encourage the engagement of Rotarians in club activities.  He reviewed a few of our activities and showed how over 1200 make-ups were accumulated over the past year, from work with fundraising, the music festival and community activities.
    Doug did make special mention of some Rotarians in our club who have unusual, consecutive years of perfect attendance.  He notes that Marg Mazerolle has 19 years, Dick Bide has 25 years, Uwe Krickhahn has 26 years and Adolf Seiler has 35 years of consecutive perfect attendance.  A round of applause was given for all 4, who were ALL in attendance.
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    Posted on Jul 17, 2017
    Dave Panabaker, Jenna Raimbault and Chris Perret gave a presentation on our Rotary Gala held at the end of March this year. The committee outlined their  goal for the Gala:
    1. To raise $35,000 for our Centennial Trail Project
    2. To Showcase Festival Performers & Local Artists
    3.  Have a Fun & Entertaining Evening
    4. Introduce our Centennial Trail Project.
    The Gala Committee conducted a survey of the event and were please with the 40 responses which were very positive and encouraging. The committee held a post Gala review and were pleased to report the following to the Club. Overall, they felt we achieved our goals and were pleased with the event. For a first event, we had a total of 236 paid guests with a total of 275 people in attendance and made a total profit of $25,4000, thanks in part to the great support from the Club. In general, the committee was please with the activities on the various levels and have ideas to change and improve things in the future.
    As part of the committee's post-mortem, they identified a variety of areas that could be improved such as the congestion at the entrance; the venue not the most conducive to showcase festival performers and the evening went by too quickly. There were also a number of other area that they would do differently a second time around. They also reported that feedback from the survey, said people enjoyed the event and wanted to see it continue again next year. Based on all the feedback, the committee asked the Club if we should put it on again this coming year, even though we are planning a 100th Anniversary Evening in June. With the help of DG Rick Istead, an invitation was sent to RI President Ian Riseley to attend our celebration and that of the Lethbridge Rotary Club who are also celebrating their Centennial this year. The Lethbridge Club has advised that depending on the RI President's availability, they would be willing to move their celebration date to suit his schedule and President Karen suggested our Club may be will to do the same if the RI President is willing to come.
    Following a question and answer period, where there was good discussion whether to hold the event again or not. The matter of the timing of the event was raised. Comments from the survey suggested the event should be held on a Saturday rather than a Friday. The committee suggested a couple of potential dates: Saturday April 29th and Saturday May 12th, 2018. It was pointed out the board needs to review the findings and possible dates.
    Denise Henning moved  a motion that the Club hold a Gala again this year, seconded by Sandy MacKay. After more discussion, the question was called and the motion was carried. 
    On behalf of the Club, a big thank goes out to all who helped make the Gala the success it was.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jul 10, 2017
    The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat was pleased to welcome Lisa Kowalchuk to our meeting today as guest speaker.  Lisa has been the Executive Director of the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce for the past 8 1/2 years, and provided a review of the Chamber's membership, their objectives and the updated Mission and Vision statements which they have recently approved.  Lisa was introduced by Program Chair, Heather Bach.
    Like Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce values the network established by it's members, and the other Provincial, National and International members that make up their organization.  The power of that network, to create effective partnerships, to establish powerful connections, to bond common interests and to support influential voices. The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce has been around for 118 years, older than Rotary but not as old as the first Canadian Chamber started in Halifax in 1750 or the first chamber, established in France in the 16th century.
    The new Vision Statement for the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce is to be "The most unified, valued and influential business network" in Medicine Hat & District.  They strive to stimulate a strengthened and vibrant economy in our region through connections, support & influence.
    Lisa spoke about Statement of Principles, and that they hope these actions will cultivate increased credibility and awareness of their network.
    Lisa spoke about several of their partnership agreements, their hosted activities and "value added" programs to members, as well as their policy and advocacy initiatives.  She left a comprehensive brochure for each person in attendance.  Lisa was complemented from the audience on the profile and accomplishments of the Chamber and thanked for her presentation by President Karen.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jun 26, 2017
    The new executive and officers of the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat were inducted on Monday July 26, 2017.
    First it was an opportunity to thank Uwe Krickhahn, who stepped into the void left by the passing of Ernie Benesch and helped move the club forward.  This was his second term as President, separated by 25 years of perfect attendance, and he's seen a lot of changes in the Rotary world over that time.  He took a minute to thank his Board and several Rotarians for their contributions during this past year.  He singled out Sandy Mackay for his donation of Paul Harris points, to make the club a 100% PHF club.  He also pointed out the financial contributions of several and the weekly contribution of Herman Wahl to the meeting, with birthday and anniversary roses.
    On behalf of the Board and the Club, Secretary Doug Fleming presented him with a token of our appreciation.
    AG and Past President Dave Panabaker then performed the induction of the Board and Officers for 2017 - 2018.  Our new President is Karen Blewett, and the President-elect is Chris Perret.  A round of applause for both Uwe's efforts and for the new board was given, and special executive pins were given out by Secretary Doug Fleming.
    President Karen then did a short presentation about some of the focus area's that she sees going forward this Rotary year.  She introduced the theme for the year, "Making a Difference" and also spoke about an upcoming Rotary International led advertising campaign about Rotarians as "People of Action".
    She spoke about the recent District survey, the work done previously by the club on our Strategic Plan and how there seems to be reasonable alignment.  She spoke about meeting changes that she sees coming in this year to modernize the meetings and ensure timely completion of each noon meeting.  She also sees a more consistent schedule of programs, based on 1 community presentation, 1 business meeting,  1 Rotary information and 1 social/fellowship meeting each month.
    Best wishes to President Karen and the whole board for 2017-2018.
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    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jun 19, 2017
    The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat enjoyed a social evening, and a presentation by the Team Leader of the Friendship Exchange Team, Gihan Panditaratne.  The group of five Sri Lankan's from various area's of the island nation will spend two weeks in District 5360, as part of this reciprocal visit to a journey several years ago by a number of Alberta Rotarians.
    Gihan did a wonderful presentation about Sri Lanka, and District 3220 (Sri Lanka and Maldives).  Rotary started in this area in 1929, and there are now 72 Rotary Clubs and nearly 2,100 Rotarians in this District.  He started by saying that they have a warm culture, and warm temperature, with a great deal more humidity than SE Alberta.  There are 20 million citizens in Sri Lanka, about 5 times the Alberta population, and they occupy a space 1/10 the size of Alberta, so their population density is 50 times that of Alberta.
    A club banner exchange was done and we were treated to the singing of the national anthem of Sri Lanka.  From Left to Right are our guests, Melroy Peiris, Darshika Ratnayake, Stephnie Rodrigo, Rotary Club of Medicine Hat President Uwe Krickhahn, RFE Team Leader Gihan Panditaratne and Ryan Dunuwille.
    Gihan spoke about the climate, the history and wildlife of Sri Lanka.  They have three major animal species who are noteworthy, elephants, leopards and blue whales.  Gihan spoke about the recent discovery of blue whales off the coast of Sri Lanka, which has created a significant tourist attraction to view them.
    Following Gihan's presentation, Stephnie Rodrigo spoke about a recent project of their District, a Global Grant project in conjunction with six clubs from India.  The bus is a mobile clinic, taken to rural areas and providing artificial limb creation and fitting, vision and diabetes screening as well as other forms of medical care.  It was a great project, which seemed to be supported by a large number of clubs, including the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial which gave one of the first donations.
    The Rotary Friendship team also took in several other sites, including the Cypress Hills, the Murray Lake Hutterite Colony, the Etzikom Pioneer Museum and Medalta Potteries.
    They also met with the Mayor of Medicine Hat, our own Ted Clugston.
    A very successful few days, lots of miles traveled and lots of prairie country seen.  Thanks to our friends from Calgary North (Gerry and Daryl) for being the tour guides and our visitors who came a very long way to spend time with us.  Also much thanks to Teresa Schile, John John, Bruce Shepard, Adolf Seiler, Ted Clugston and the host families for participating.
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    Posted by Doug Fleming on Jun 14, 2017
    Monday's speaker was Major Hugh Atwell, Chief of Staff at Canadian Forces Base Suffield. Major Atwell started his speech by suggesting that although not specifically mention in the latest 2017 Defense Policy, the base is optimistic that improvements and increased spending will occur at Suffield.  Major Atwell reported the mission for CFB Suffield is to provide a world class facility to support:
    • DRES - Defense Research Establishment Suffield
    • Military Training - BATUS - British Army Training  Unit Suffield 
    • Oil & Gas Activities
    • Grazing 
    • Protect Environmental & Archeological sites.
    Major Atwell explained the Suffield Range is the largest  Military Base in Canada covering an area of approximately 2,700 sq km.   In fact, the next 3 largest bases in Canada would all fit within the Suffield range.  He advised that the base has a positive economic impact on the region as it contributes close to $8.6 million per year. The Suffield Range provides opportunities for training that are not found in many locations. 
    Major Atwell expanded on some of the roles the military plays at Suffield. First of all, they support DRES - Defense Research Establishment Suffield which undertake important research to mitigate risk to military and civilian personnel by conducting research into chemical & biological warfare and research into the use of unmanned vehicle. Research conducted at Suffield has played important roles throughout the world. 
    The prime task for the military is to support the Suffield range. The British Government leases the range which is the largest military training facility in the Commonwealth to conduct military training exercises such as live firing exercises for up to 50 tanks and other military hardware. CFB Suffield is also used for joint training by NATO and other Foreign Allied  armies. The range allows the armies to test of new techniques and technologies.
    Not all the Suffield range is used for military training. Portions of the range are set aside for grazing (3,500 cow/calf pairs); oil & gas facilities (12,00 wells) and the preservation of Ecological (River Valley) and Archeological sites (Medicine Wheels & Teepee Rings).  To protect the environment, maintain safety and prevent conflict, satellite images and ground crews are employed to review the range. There prime objective is to maintain the overall health of the range and minimize barren ground. 
    As if that isn't enough, they are also involved in Elk Management. In 1997 - 221 elk were introduced to the range.  Over the years, the numbers has grown to around 5,300 animals. Major Atwell advised there are differing views on the impact of the elk on the range and surrounding area and also how  the herds should be culled. Major Atwell advised that these decisions are made by Environment & Parks Departments rather than the military.
    Major Atwell answered a few questions and was thank by President Uwe who paraphrased Winston Churchill when he thank the Canadian Military by saying "never has so much been done with so little".  

    Major Hugh Atwell Doug Fleming 2017-06-14 06:00:00Z 0
    Posted by David Stalwick on Jun 05, 2017
    President Uwe introduced Jay and asked for him to come forward for his classification talk.
    Jay introduced himself as an auto dealer, now being the owner of Park City Toyota. Jay is married to Tracy and they have one daughter Elizabeth.
    Jay started his talk with the aid of some power point pictures and slides.. His early days were spent in Pincher Creek playing a lot of hockey and with video games. He had many family pictures including one of his Dad (Wayne) when he had more hair and one of his graduating class along with many friends. He graduated grade 12 in Pincher Creek and was class valedictorian.  Jay talked about his two sisters and had some pictures of the family.
    In 1985 he went to Calgary and attended the University of Calgary and received his degree in Commerce with marketing as his major. After University he did get into the auto business but in Calgary with Shaw GMC and stayed with them for 10 years.
    One of the pictures from his high school years included a girlfriend named Tracy and right next to her was another Tracy who is now his wife. Jay had know Tracy all through school but lost touch with her after he went to University. He went back to Pincher Creek for his 10 year reunion and there he meet up with the Tracy who would become his wife 2 years later. Both had taken their university in Calgary but Tracy has a degree in nursing.
    Jay and his family moved to Medicine  Hat and joined his Dad at Park City Toyota in 2007 and took over the dealership from his Dad in 2011. He very proud of the dealership which now employs 24  individuals of which 50% are female, an enviable thing to have and not many dealerships can say the same. He believes that putting customers first, then having good staff leads to better sales and profitability. Jay then talked about his industry and the shift for cars to electric, hydrogen, self driving etc. He also talked about the new technology for safety such as lane assist, bird's eye view, auto braking and many more upcoming options.
    Jay is very busy as he serves on many boards including the Medicine Hat Dealers Association, Dealer technology Committee, Prairie Toyota Dealers Advertising Ass. as well as a new start up company.
    He talked about how insidious some companies like Google can be or will be in the future giving several examples.
    Some questions where asked and discussed.
    This was a wonderful presentation and we are very lucky to have Jay as a member of our club. 
    Classification Talk - Jay Chesley David Stalwick 2017-06-05 06:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Dave Panabaker on May 29, 2017
    The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat enjoyed our annual evening meeting with the students from Medicine Hat High School.  It's always a great evening to get to know each other and led by this year's President Anjali Mishra we learned a lot about what the group has been up to.
    First, each student was introduced and spoke a little about their experience in Interact.  Then Anjali talked about the student advisors, Sue Withers and Deb Rawlings who are an inspiration to the kids and to their Rotary advisor, Theresa Eisenbarth who attended many of their meetings this past year.  Anjali spoke about the Mac & Cheese Drive, where over 400 boxes of KD were brought in for the food bank, the regular bake sales at Parent Teacher interviews and their experience both running the Remembrance Day service at the school and laying a wreath on Nov 11.
    They also had a "Fall into Christmas" event, with hot chocolate and cookies, as well as used Candy Cane O-grams to raise funds and then held their annual Nickel and Dime war, again to raise funds for their project.  They are contributing this spring, in support of the Rotaract Club of Esteli to build a new home for Don Alberto Gutieriez, an artist in Nicaraugua.  The Interact club modeled the small hut he lives in at the school, but building a similar structure out of cardboard.  A very clever tool to engage the students in bettering this man's life.
    They will be doing a few more volunteer events next year, including the Salvation Army hot meal program and working at Prairie Gleaners.  Anjali thanked Rotary for providing support to their club and helping produce active, engaged citizens (even if only 12 at a time).
    Meeting with MH High Interact Students Dave Panabaker 2017-05-29 06:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Dave Panabaker on Nov 20, 2016
    The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed David Carter to our meeting today.  David was introduced, in a way that a man who needs no introduction should be introduced by Adolf Seiler.  David spoke about his early history in the community, with his father being a Rector of St Barnabas church and his attendance at Alexandra High School.  By show of hands, he had company in that school.
    He also spoke at some length as a "Thank You" to the Rotary club, for what we do in the community and what is accomplished by all the service organizations.
    He spoke about his early writing, including grade school where he was encouraged by Miss Cobb, as well as while a Chaplain at the U of C, where W O Mitchell also had a hand in his writing career.
    He spoke about his work as an MLA for downtown Calgary which lasted two terms, and then his two terms as Speaker of the Legislature.  He always was a "no nonsense" guy, and believes far too much liberty is taken with the democratic process within the legislature.  He spoke about the lack of knowledge by party leaders and the process in general, of the "rules" of order.  He also spoke candidly about the section of the book related to abuse at the hands of church officials, a chapter he was scared to put in but may in the end have the greatest impact.
    Many questions were asked at the conclusion and David was thanked by President Uwe.
    Presentation by David Carter Dave Panabaker 2016-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
    INTERACT Students Plan for Christmas Fundraiser Theresa Eisenbarth 2016-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Doug Fleming on Nov 06, 2016
    Kitt Brand spoke at Monday's meeting about the Waterton - Glacier International Peace Park.  Kitt started her talk by giving a brief history of how the park was started by the Rotary Club of Cardston who hosted a meeting of 100 Rotarians from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Montana in July 1931. The group met with the goal to establish the first permanent International Peace Park because Rotarian had seen the horrors of the Great War and realized the world was heading for another conflict. This group of Rotarians managed to accomplish the unbelievable feat of convincing the Canadian and US governments to pass the legislation to establish Waterton - Glacier  as the first International Peace Park in three months. Since that time, the park has hosted annual Hands Across the Border Assemblies and ceremonies, alternating between Waterton and East Glacier. To date, there are now 138 International Peace Parks throughout the world.
    As part of 2016's 84th Hands Across the Border Assembly, an intensive International workshop was held. Delegates from 10 nations (Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South America, Canada and the United States) around the world attended to promote transborder conservation, environment and  international peace parks. In addition, Rotary Youth Exchange students participated. The workshop also celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the US National Parks Service. As a result of this workshop 17 projects were identified and started. 
    In closing, Kitt reminded us of the importance of these Peace Parks as they help us to remember, Rotarians promote peace. She also put in a plug to encourage more members to attend these ceremonies held every year in September. If you have never attended one of these assemblies, the Hands Across the Border ceremonies is a very powerful event that helps you appreciate how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada.
    Peace Park Doug Fleming 2016-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
    Brenda Bauman, President of the Rotary Music Festival Society provided the Club with a brief overview of the music festival. Brenda advised that planning for this years festival is underway. Last year, there were 1412 participants in the various disciplines of piano, strings, voice, choirs, speech arts, guitar, bands and instrumentals. Last year, $20,000 in awards were handout to participants. 
    Brenda advised  festival is always looking for new or innovative ways to conduct events. Last year the Band Festival was moved back to the schools wit the adjudicators moving from school to school rather than the bands traveling. The band teacher like this arrangement and find it better for the students. Brenda also advised that in guitar, they opened up more classes with less classical music to encourage more participation. In fact, one school has 25 guitars and their class participated in the festival helping to increase the numbers in guitar. Similarly, as part of Dr. Roy Wilson's estate, money was donated to RiverHeights School to purchase 25 mini violins. It is hoped that these students will take part of the festival in years to come.
    As you can image, it takes a lot of work to host this festival. Brenda reported 55 ladies run the various venture during the two week period. In addition, about 40 members of the Club and friends of Rotary help man the venue doors and information desk.
    Brenda reported that participants in our festival who went on to the Provincial and National festivals did well.
    This year's music festival runs from March 5th to 19th with the Rose Bowl competition on Friday March 17th and the Stars of the Festival evening on March 19th.
    In closing, Brenda thanked the Rotary Club for its continued support through fund raising efforts and volunteering at the festival.
    Music Festival Update Doug Fleming 2016-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
    Posted by Doug Fleming on Oct 30, 2016
    President Elect Karen Blewett presented the Club with a brief overview of the Strategic Plan. We are very fortunate, that Karen was able to undertake the majority of the work complying this plan, because preparing such plans is one the task that Karen does in her day job. Karen advised that the plan would be brought back to the Club on November 28th for a more detailed review.
    The Strategic Plan process started on November 7, 2015 when 27 Rotarians met to discuss what Rotary meant to them and what was important to the Club. On January 18, 36 members had a chance to review what had been put together from the initial meeting. Then on April 18, the proposed Action Plan was commented on by 54 member. Finally on October 31, Karen presented a brief overview of the plan to date. Karen also pointed out this plan has been reviewed several time by the Board who feel the plan is ready to proceed to the next stages.
    After the overview, Karen discussed points under the topics of Commitment to the Plan; Club Involvement; Our Strategic Plan; Our Accomplishments; Year in Review and finally Next Steps. During her talk, Karen talked about things the Club is doing well, things we wish to change and additional things we could be doing. The Strategic Plan is meant to guide our Club for the next 3 to 5 years, but will hopefully be reviewed and modified each year to keep it relevant. 
    After a brief discuss, Sandy MacKay thank Karen for a job well done and encouraged all member to review the plan and be prepared to participate in the next discussion on November 28th.
    Strategic Plan Update Doug Fleming 2016-10-31 00:00:00Z 0