Posted by Dave Panabaker on Nov 05, 2018
Introduction of Guests​:
  • James Smith, Board Chair Prairie Gleaners and our guest speaker.
  • Sebastian Magner, son in law of Terry Brekko.
  • Rod Dalcollo, visitor and a lawyer with Stringham LLP.
  • Ken Feser, Medicine Hat Chief Librarian .
  • Dave Stalwick            Nov 8.
  • Brenda Bauman       Nov 5, 2001     17 years
  • Karen Blewett           Nov 6, 2006     12 years
  • Doug Fleming           Nov 7, 1983      35 years
  • Heather Bach           Nov 9, 2015       3 years
  • Jason Hertz              Nov 9, 2015       3 years
  • Mark Sorenson         Nov 9, 2015      3 years
Weekly Draws:  
  • Attendance draw today was Margie Booyens who was in attendance at the meeting today and won a free meal. 
  • Karen Blewett won the ticket draw for some coffee beans.
Club 500:
  • No draw this week, both November draws will be done on Nov 19th.
  • Tickets for the 2019 Draw are now available for sale in support of the 2019 Music Festival.
Make Ups:
  • None announced this week.
Family of Rotary:
  • No changes from last week.
Minute People: 
  • Adolf Seiler thanked all the Rotarians who signed up for our day to man the Salvation Army kettles this year which is Saturday December 1...he required one more volunteer and got it, our schedule is full.
  • Dick Bide requested that all Rotarians who signed up for the dinner club, please schedule your dinners.   He is away for three weeks, and the dinner club will be in the hands of Sandy Mackay and Ted Cowtan while he's away.
  • Dave Panabaker required one more billet for a Rotarian on Nov 9, and got a volunteer.  Thanks to everyone for helping out.
  • Allan O'Byrne needs some volunteers for the CORE casino on January 13 and 14.  If you can help out please get in touch with Allan.
  • Karen Blewett drew this week's Rotary Happening, in the Medicine Hat News to the audiences attention.  Many thanks to the Medicine Hat News for that promotion.
  • Dave also reminded Rotarians that the Rotary Learning Day is approaching and is scheduled for Saturday Nov 10th.  The District is bringing this training and education to the regional areas to help with attendance, and a minimum number of attendee's is required to justify the cost.  Please register on the District website,  , to ensure adequate numbers are attending and the catering can be arranged.