Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jul 31, 2017
The monthly business meeting started out with a short presentation about the Rotary Float in the recent Stampede Parade.  Margie Booyens, Director of Club Service reviewed the work done by all the volunteers and she thanked a number of Rotarians from all three clubs in the City.
President Karen showed a few of the photos of the float, which she posted to Facebook today. She also had a great time both participating in the decoration and riding on the float last Thursday.  She made a note of the contribution of a number of Rotarians, including Marvin Barton from the Saamis Club who provided the trailer and IXL who provided a great spot to work on the float. Karen also thanked Anne, Chris, Margie, Don and others for participating.
The second half of the meeting was handled by Club Secretary Doug Fleming, who spoke about the changes to the attendance requirements under Rotary's new, less restrictive rules and how many of our activities, like the Stampede Float now count as "make-ups" and encourage the engagement of Rotarians in club activities.  He reviewed a few of our activities and showed how over 1200 make-ups were accumulated over the past year, from work with fundraising, the music festival and community activities.
Doug did make special mention of some Rotarians in our club who have unusual, consecutive years of perfect attendance.  He notes that Marg Mazerolle has 19 years, Dick Bide has 25 years, Uwe Krickhahn has 26 years and Adolf Seiler has 35 years of consecutive perfect attendance.  A round of applause was given for all 4, who were ALL in attendance.