Posted by Dave Panabaker on May 29, 2017
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat enjoyed our annual evening meeting with the students from Medicine Hat High School.  It's always a great evening to get to know each other and led by this year's President Anjali Mishra we learned a lot about what the group has been up to.
First, each student was introduced and spoke a little about their experience in Interact.  Then Anjali talked about the student advisors, Sue Withers and Deb Rawlings who are an inspiration to the kids and to their Rotary advisor, Theresa Eisenbarth who attended many of their meetings this past year.  Anjali spoke about the Mac & Cheese Drive, where over 400 boxes of KD were brought in for the food bank, the regular bake sales at Parent Teacher interviews and their experience both running the Remembrance Day service at the school and laying a wreath on Nov 11.
They also had a "Fall into Christmas" event, with hot chocolate and cookies, as well as used Candy Cane O-grams to raise funds and then held their annual Nickel and Dime war, again to raise funds for their project.  They are contributing this spring, in support of the Rotaract Club of Esteli to build a new home for Don Alberto Gutieriez, an artist in Nicaraugua.  The Interact club modeled the small hut he lives in at the school, but building a similar structure out of cardboard.  A very clever tool to engage the students in bettering this man's life.
They will be doing a few more volunteer events next year, including the Salvation Army hot meal program and working at Prairie Gleaners.  Anjali thanked Rotary for providing support to their club and helping produce active, engaged citizens (even if only 12 at a time).