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Medicine Hat
Top Hat Bingo

Need 9 volunteers

AGLC has the following new rules for opening with Covid in mind

1                 Half the electronic machines will be turned off.  People playing electronic machines must be 6 feet apart (Same rules as casino) 

2                 However someone playing paper can sit right beside a machine.  So 1 spouse can play electronic and the other can play paper

3                 Cohort groups of up to 6 people can all play paper side by side.  Cohort groups must be 6 feet apart – group to group

4                 Lines will be marked on the carpet for Ticket purchase and Pull ticket purchase.  The pull ticket cart can wander the floor as usual

5                 Masks will be provided for volunteers.  I believe volunteers in and out of the booth will be required to wear masks.  There is also plexiglass on the booth so that is double the issue.

6                 Gloves are not required, it would be far too difficult to deal with counting and dispersing paper cards wearing gloves

7                 Masks are available for sale to players if they wish, but are not required