Heather Bach, Director of Club Service and Dave Panabaker gave the club some training on Clubrunner, the software program that District 5360 requires every club to use as part of our link to Rotary International.
Heather began by giving general instructions about how to log in, the location of the club website http://www.medicinehatrotary.com and several features for all Rotarains to know, including how to update their own profile for changes of address (home or email) as well as updates to other parts of their profile.
Dave explained the "Events" module, which we use to recruit bingo teams, establish working groups for projects and get headcounts for special meetings, such as the upcoming MH College meeting or the visit to the MH Sunrise Rotary club on Tuesday Oct 15.
Hopefully some good learning went on, please contact any of the publicity team (Karen Blewett, Doug Fleming, Heather Bach or Dave Panabaker) if you have any questions or problems with the software.