Happenings in Rotary
The Rotary Club welcomed our honorary member, Mayor Ted Clugston to the meeting today.  He has recently provided the City, through an annual speech with the Kiwanis Club and the MH Chamber of Commerce, a "State of the City - 2021" updated and he was here primarily to answer questions and provide any clarification to the speech.  So to assist us in doing "our homework", he provided the link.  Several Rotarians commented what a thoughtful and interesting speech it was, complete with video's and poems! Here's the link to the whole presentation.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u4z-TWgBLE 
Mayor Ted spoke about preparing the speech, how this one was different because the presentation was virtual, and how a discussion about COVID could wash over some serious concerns in the community and some great accomplishment by Hatters, business owners, the City and other organizations.  He divided the video into thirds, the first to underscore the damage that COVID isolation has been to the general well being of citizens and a significant mental health challenge.  He spoke about the rash of suicide and overdose deaths that have occurred in this area, and the ongoing work to address those issues.
He spoke about the work of Council, and staff.  The unusual situation that the pandemic has created and other needs, particularly the accelerated Financially Fit program, to deal with the impacts of commodity prices on our Gas/Oil and Electric Power businesses.  He talked about some of the great upcoming work, due to the Federal stimulus grants that will be taking place in 2021.  Some very interesting projects, such as expansion of the trail system at Echodale Park, a massive pickleball court project at the FLC, development at 603 1st ST SE and a canopy at Athletic Park, to name just a few.
In the remaining third he spoke about leading the team at City Hall through this time, thanked his staff and fellow Council members and spoke about deciding to run for mayor again in the fall of 2021.
He answered a number of questions on many of these issues, and we all thank for spending the time with us, to educate us and learn about what is going on.
It's always wonderful to hear the classification talk of a new Rotarian, as they join our Rotary family.  It's amazing the life experience of some of our members and we very much enjoyed the "Book of Brent" today, as Brent Secondiak told us his story.  He was born in Calgary, spent his primary school in Bassano, his high school years in Brooks and moved to Medicine Hat in 1999.  He has been with the Medicine Hat Police Service for 21 years, starting as a constable and progressing to his current position as an Inspector, in charge of their operations.
He's been married to his wife Debbie for 20 years, she is a local real estate agent and they have two children.  His father was a long service RCMP officer and his mother a nurse, so as he said "Service" runs in his family.  He has been actively involved in the community, helping with the MH Women's Shelter, Ducks Unlimited and several service organizations.  He enjoys watching football, staying in shape and gardening and showed off a few photos of his backyard garden.  He also is a dutiful dog walker, they have two small dogs, who have 3 arrests to their credit.  It appears if you go walking at night, you can find some interesting stuff.
He spoke of some meaningful incidents during his tenure with the police, and Brent spoke of the experience of the 2013 Flood, working in the Emergency Operations Center.  He was asked and answered a number of questions on a variety of topics and we all look forward to his continuing contributions to the community through Rotary.  Welcome to the club!
The Rotary Club was delighted to welcome three members of Toastmasters District 42.  Rotary and Toastmasters have formed an organizational partnership over the past few years, to develop training programs, leadership training programs, provide service opportunities and  general support each other.
We welcomed Bev Le Blanc, Program Quality Director in District 42, Dave Schaaf from Lethbridge and Tom Simpson, the President of local Circle T Toastmasters club in Medicine Hat.  Dave Schaaf shared some of the thinking behind the partnership and some recent activity, while Tom shared his Toastmasters experience.  All were introduced by Past President Margie Booyens.
Dave spoke about the nature of both organizations, and how the Rotary Learning Center, on MYROTARY, has adopted a number of modules developed by Toastmasters.  He also spoke about the Pathways program within Toastmasters, the first major re-write of programing in Toastmasters since it's inception.  He described a typical meeting, how it operates and what the objectives are for the participants.
Tom spoke about the usefulness of Toastmaster training and experience in his personal and professional life, and how it helps build confidence and skills in almost everyone who attends.  The local club meets each Tuesday from 6:30 - 7:30 via ZOOM.  When the pandemic restrictions are lifted, their face to face meetings will be returning to the Anglican church hall at 606 12th ST SW.  Any Rotary members are most welcome to drop in, there is no obligation and they can learn about the organization.
The link for the meeting can be obtained by emailing their membership chair Ryan O'Reilly at ryanoreilly@live.ca or himself at tom21@telusplanet.net 
A number of questions were asked and answered and more information on Toastmasters is available at http://www.toastmaster.org 
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