Happenings in Rotary
Rotary Club Community Service Director Mike Christie took the opportunity at today's meeting to review several very worthwhile projects.  These projects have approached our club for support, and while we don't have the resources to support all of them, he believed that our club members might be interested in one of these specific initiatives.
Dick Bide has drawn this organization to our attention and offered to match a $200 donation.
MHART is an initiative of six local churches, which began in 2015, to sponsor a family from Syria. Now a non-profit society, MHART invites you to help us rescue six members of this South Sudanese family from the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya & settle them in our community.
MHART plans to sponsor six of William's relatives, including his mother and five educated young people, eager to work and contribute to our community. The Government of Canada will bring these family members to Medicine Hat, provided we can raise $15,000 per person to support their first year of settlement.  
Medicine Hat Women's Shelter - ADOPT A FAMILY

Last year COVID-19 made MHWSS re-evaluate the most effective way to operate our program while keeping all our staff, volunteers, clients and sponsors safe and healthy.  The changes we made turned out to be a huge success with a lot of positive feedback from clients.  We have listened to the needs of those who access our services and are going to no longer run our program as a matching program.  Instead, we are asking our community to assist us through donations of new toys and gift cards so we can then provide the parent the opportunity to choose the gifts their child will receive.

We are excited to be able to empower Mom or Dad with the opportunity to be a part of choosing items that will make their child's Christmas special.  Mom or Dad will also receive a gift package and each family will receive a gift card for groceries.

We hope you will consider helping to make a difference in the lives of one of these families in need.

We invite you to support the program in any of the following ways:

  1. Donate new toys, gifts (for all ages) or gift cards by dropping them off at Sun Valley Honda and Davis GMC in Medicine Hat between November 12 and December 17. (attached is a list of gift ideas)
  2. Make a financial donation towards the program (this can be done online at www.mhwss.ca, e-transfer to info@mhwss.ca or mail a cheque)
Deidre Giesbrecht, Volunteer and Donation Coordinator
Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society
Medicine Hat Santa Claus Fund
Dieter Brand mentioned that former club member Mike Hertz was a long time supporter of the Medicine Hat Santa Claus Fund.
The Rotary Club welcomed Peter Donnelly to our meeting today.  Peter is the President of Cancarb, a producer of thermal carbon black located in Medicine Hat.  They were established in Medicine Hat in 1973, and will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2023.  Their parent company is the 4th largest carbon black producer in the world, Tokai Carbon Group. Previously they were owned by Trans Canada Pipeline Ltd for over 20 years.  Cancarb currently have 82 Full Time employee's in their office in Brier Park, as well as support a wide range of contractors, consultants and suppliers in the area.  Carbon Black is used as a strengthening agent in rubber, and at least 75% of their product finds its way into the automotive business in some way.
Carbon Black is manufactured by a thermal decomposition process, in which methane is converted to pure carbon and hydrogen.  At the local Cancarb plant, the methane feedstock is natural gas.  The manufacturing process creates a lot of waste heat, and in 2001 an electric generating plant, designed to use the waste heat as steam to produce power was commissioned.  When the carbon black plant is operating smoothly, they produce approx 25 MW of power, which is sold to the City of Medicine Hat on a long term power purchase agreement.  A great arrangement for all concerned.
The carbon black from the local plant is shipped around the world, in fact 94% of it is exported.  Peter made several comments about the current difficulties in the supply chain system and difficulties in transportation.  Peter spoke about the recent commissioning of Train 6, which was completed in 2021 at a cost of $35M.  It was the first major expansion of the processing plant in quite a while, and a great sign of success and a prosperous future.
He also spoke about their passion, which was to have a "Perfect Day".  It combines their cultural, operational, safety and customer activities into a simple slogan for staff.
A great presentation, a number of good questions asked and answered.  We all wished Peter and his staff a lot of "Perfect Days" in the future.
President Terry introduced our guest speakers today. Jolene McIvor is the Community Engagement Assistant at the Veiner Centre. Cori Fischer is a Director of both the Veiner & Strathcona Centres.
Both ladies have extensive service in the non-profit organizational environment.
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