Happenings in Rotary
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat was delighted to welcome our District Governor Elect, Martin Parnell to the meeting today.  He will "take the reins" of the District on July 1st and will be back to entertain us again on Monday July 26th for his official visit to the club.
Martin provided a humorous and motivating talk about the serious side effects of the COVID pandemic, the physical and mental health of many people who have been effected by the shutdowns and restrictions.  DGE Martin provided us with his "Top Ten List" of reasons to get out of bed during the pandemic.  The talk was well received and hopefully will help all of us to soldier on and look to the good times down the road that will return.
10 - Make Your Bed....
9 - Play a Game
8 - Take on a Project.
7 - Take a course.
6 - Go and do something "virtually".
5 - Get outside.
4 - Phone a friend.
3 - Set a goal.
2 - Help each other.
1 - Have a fundraiser.
and the bonus reason is to "attend a Rotary meeting, anywhere".
Thanks Martin, a great list and some wonderful stories for sure.
Doug Fleming said after the meeting that his number one reason to get out of bed was "to pee"....and can't we all relate to that too!!
The project team working on updating the bylaws of the Rotary Music Festival Society and creating a Support Agreement between the Society and the Rotary Club for the next five years presented their work to the members of the Rotary Club.  The team consists of Anne Carrier, Mike Christie, Wayne Chesley and Dave Panabaker.
The team worked on the following Principles in it's work on the Festival Society.
  • All members of the Rotary Club want the Festival to be “successful and sustainable” as we make changes.
  • The Rotary Club wants to remain the Primary sponsor of the Festival and retaining the naming rights.
  • Rotarians wants to be involved - as Members of the Society, fundraisers, volunteers and sponsors.
During Strategic Planning workshops wth the Rotary Club in 2017 and 2018, as well as Planning Workshops for the Music Festival in 2019, it was clear that an evolution of the Music Festival, to be a publicly run, open society which would be responsible for the Festival was the goal of the club.  Some of this was due of course to the declining number of Rotarians in the club and the difficulty of staffing two operational groups.
Highlights of the Support Agreement
• A five year financial commitment, which the new Society can “bank” on and work their budget around.
• A commitment to discuss future funding prior to the expiry of this agreement.
• A commitment by the Rotary Music Festival Society to retain the name, in exchange for the financial commitment.
• A commitment by the Rotary Music Festival Society to a quality Festival, in keeping with past practice.
• A seat “reserved” for a Rotarian, nominated by the Club, to sit on the Music Festival Society Board, to work as a liaison with us as principal sponsor.
After significant discussion and a number of questions being asked, the following motion was called.
Moved by Dave Panabaker and seconded by Mike Christie; "Do the members of the Rotary Club support the proposal, of opening the Rotary Music Festival Society membership to the public, and with continued financial support from the Rotary Club, the movement of the operation of the Festival to this new public group?"
The motion was approved by the members present and will form the basis of the signing of the support agreement and revisions to the Music Festival Society bylaws.
From sunny, far off Fort Meyers Florida, President-elect Terry Partis took the stage and spoke about his journey into the role of President that begins in July 2021.
He started by thanking everyone in the club for the honor of servicing as Club President, and for trusting him with the responsibility.  He noted how he originally thought of himself as "a 20 year Rotarian but not an ideal member", but after listening to the incoming RI President Shekhar Mehta, Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanger, West Bengal, India he changed that description to "a member for 20 years but not an ideal Rotarian".  He showed the introduction of the theme for Shekhar's year at the helm of Rotary International, and the logo of "Serve to Change Lives".
His speech is on YouTube, the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUEdRqyuJU4 
Terry has enjoyed the Leadership Training, although in-person training is always preferred, the use of breakout rooms and great speakers has really helped the learning stay interesting.  Terry spoke about the opportunity our current District Governor Mary Turner mentioned at her last visit, that COVID has allowed us the chance to review what we do, to change what needs to be changed and come back to in-person meetings with a fresh approach.
Terry also spoke about several of the quotations in the Shekhar's speech, and how "Service is the rent we pay for the space we occupy on this earth" was a meaningful expression of Rotary ways.
Terry thanked two Rotarians especially for helping get his year started on a positive note.  He thanked Terry Cooper for taking on the International Service Director role, and for organizing some joint projects with other clubs which will help us get restarted in International Projects.  He also mentioned new Rotarian Brent Secondiak, for helping him understand some of the Youth Advocacy Center issues and what may be a wonderful local project for Rotary..
He finished by reminding all of us of the challenges to all of us, "Bring One Member", "Empowering Girls" and the need for "Inclusion, Diversity and Equity".
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