Happenings in Rotary
One of the most significant and important events at any Rotary Club is the induction of new members of the Rotary family.  This week we were pleased to welcome four new Rotarians to our club, and having the District Governor do the induction was a special bonus.
Welcome to Rotary Michaela Craciun and Kevin Walker, sponsored by Margie Booyens; Odessa Vermee sponsored by Bruce Shepard; and Lionel Brideson sponsored by Anne Carrier.  We look forward to getting to know you over the next few months, and eagerly anticipate your contributions to the club and our community.
The annual meeting of the Club with our new District Governor is always a fun event, and this year was no different.  Our new DG is Christina Hassan, of the Rotary Club of Fish Creek.  She began her talk with thanks for everyone who has made this week in SE Alberta so enjoyable.  Their whole family has been camping at Gas City Campground, and has really enjoy the "holiday".
Christina began her talk with her experience in Rotary Youth Exchange.  She applied too young, and had to wait until she was eligible for the year long, overseas experience.  She spent her year in Germany, and learned a great deal about Rotary culture, the power of a group of engaged individuals and knew she had found a group she belonged in.
She then told a story about her personal learning, when she journeyed to Uganda to "solve" the problem of maternal health in that country.  She rapidly realized she had a lot to learn, and that determination, conviction and passion were truly needed in any of these situation.  It was an amazing story, and through some personal health challenges she learned about the power you have within yourself, to make a significant and lasting contribution.
Christina spoke about some of the challenges facing Rotary, including membership (which our District is apparently doing well at).  She introduced us to the Rotary International President who will preside over this year, and over the RI Convention in Calgary in June of 2025.
She also spoke about a few things we won't see this year, mostly because of the focus on the RI convention.  But, beyond just the RI convention she spoke about two specific projects that she would like to see get more energy and uptake.  First is a new polio initiative, known at the Polio Plus Society for contributions of more than $100 US/year to the eradication of polio.  This program will replace the "move for polio" work, to help get us to the finish line of that endeavour.  Second, she mentioned the wide variety of Youth Programs that are invaluable in engage youth and getting the Rotary brand out there.
Christina thanked everyone for the wonderful event, and presented President Mike Christie with this theme banner, "The Magic of Rotary".   Christina mentioned that this may be the last year of a new "theme" for Rotary, so when the pins were handed out, it was suggested that you hang onto them!
Thanks for the visit, and the inspirational talk.  We look forward to a very exciting year.
Our annual changeover meeting began with President Bruce Shepard giving his final report to the club and his last "whack of the gavel".  Bruce expressed his deep appreciation to the club for the honour and privilege it has been to lead the organization this year.
Bruce took a few minutes and spoke about the re-development of the Strategic Plan that occurred this year, and how it had a number of goals.  Bruce spoke about the hard work to try and achieve all those goals that has gone on through the entire year, highlighted by the wonderful "Why Rotary" event in April.  Membership is a key issue to the club and to Rotary in general, so the success of this event was crucial for the club.
Bruce spoke about the Team Freewheel work led by Terry Cooper, the Publicity team led by Kitt Brand and all the other activities that go on during the year.
At the conclusion of Bruce's "story", he called up Past President Melanie Harty who performed the induction of the new President, the new Executive and Directors for 2024-2025.
First President for 2024-2025 Mike Christie was sworn in and then the Board were read the induction document.  We all look forward to a vibrant and exciting year with this team.
The gavel of the club, was passed from now Past President Bruce to President Mike, to general applause.  President-elect Milan Vujovic was paying close attention, he will go through this ceremony next year.
President Mike then took the podium, and his first job was to present Bruce Shepard with our traditional recognition for service at the Club President, fittingly a gavel.  The club thanks Bruce for a great year and his service to the membership.
President Mike then gave a short talk, he promised not a "massive speech" at least to begin his year as President.  He spoke of some "tweaking" of the Strategic Plan after one year of experience.  He is very much going to stress "fun and fellowship",  which will begin with the evening meeting with partners for the District Governor's visit on July 8th.
We look forward to a great year, thanks to everyone who works to make the club successful.
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