Happenings in Rotary
District Governor Martin Parnell began the explanation of today's award of a Paul Harris Fellowship to Helio Colaco.
Rotary established the Paul Harris Fellowship in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundations' only program, the Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships.  In 1969 the Rotary Foundation unveiled the first Paul Harris medallion at the Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Since the International Assembly in 1979, where incoming RI President James Bomar challenged each Rotary Club to make one non-Rotarian a Paul Harris Fellow, the first recipient was Mother Teresa in 1980, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pikesville, Maryland.
Margie Booyens and Cinthia Correa Da Costa then filled members in about Helio Cosaco’s connection with Rotary and why he was being given this award by the Rotary Club of Sao Paulo (Sudeste).

Nicole Nemo, who is on the staff of the MH College, was part of the MH NGSE team that helped plan the 8-week virtual exchange of business graduate Juliana Nishitani of Sao Paulo. Nicole connected with colleague Helio, whom she knew had emigrated to Canada from Brazil and could speak Portuguese.

Helio mentored Juliana throughout her exchange program, interpreting, sharing, listening and supporting. He gave a huge amount of time and energy to Juliana and the program, which made a significant contribution to the success of the exchange.

Helio then went on to assist the RC of Sao Paulo (Sudeste), virtually, with the development and presentation of a Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) project at the Valentim Gentil Public School in Sao Paulo over a number of months this year. The Rotarians involved experienced Helio as a kind person, dedicated and totally involved with the project and the children. He remains virtually involved in the second presentation of this STEM project.

Helio lives out the Rotary motto of ‘Service above Self’ and has promised to consider membership of Rotary once he completes his Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence.

The Paul Harris Fellowship was presented to Helio by Cinthia Correa Da Costa, on behalf of the RC of San Paulo Sudeste and District 4420.

Congratulations Helio on your contribution to two Rotary projects – jobs well done! You are most deserving of Paul Harris recognition.

Today's business meeting centered around the adoption of our 2021-2022 Club budget.  Treasurer Gail Halderman walked the club through the various avenues of service and the proposed funding of each of them.  It is certainly not a normal year, but our Community and International Service projects are both funded and our contribution to the Rotary Music Festival is also in line with our funding agreement.
Gail spoke about the approach to the budget, which contains a few conservative estimates so that we don't promise more than we can deliver.  By spring, the funding and financial position may look much different, and at that time other projects could be considered if the budget has a significant surplus.
Gail spoke about our fundraising projects, and the need to finish the trail signage along Rotary Centennial trail.  As well, the club's support of the Sanare Centre is provided for in the budget, so that should be a wonderful project.  As part of the budget, it was mentioned that the annual club dues, of $250/year, are now due.  Gail is sending out invoices for those that haven't paid already.  The budget was recommended for approval by Gail, seconded by Dave Panabaker and approved without opposition.
Another service project is winding up for this year, as fall weather arrives and the bicycle season draws to a close.  Thanks to Terry Cooper for the notes on this project.
To date the bike "working bee" (Peter, Doug, Dale, Adolf, Roger, Marco, Glen, Anne, Margie and I) have collected and refurbished 138 bikes (122 distributed, 16 in Sea-Can ready for distribution).  Anne and Margie are currently in the process of identifying organizations and families to receive the bikes.  Most bikes have the police identification sticker attached, and can be registered by the recipients with the Police Service.
The Sea-Can also has the spare tires and wheels that we have stripped from bikes that cannot be economically repaired.  The new helmets (thanks in part to the Sunrise Rotary Club) are also stored in the Sea-Can.
Now that the weather is cooling down, we plan to look for more bikes at the police compound and start up the working bees with additional volunteers from the Sunrise Rotary Club.  peter still has 5 bikes he is working on at this place.  Our plan is to work as long as we have bikes and the organizations to give them to.  Once the cold weather sits in we will store the bikes for repair in the Sea-Can and will get back into the repair mode in the spring.
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