Happenings in Rotary
It was indeed a pleasure welcoming Christina Johnson (ED) and colleague Kelsey Galipeau of the Sanare Centre here in Medicine Hat, to our noon meeting on Monday 13 March.
Sanare, previously SARC (Sexual Assault Response Committee), means ‘healing’.
"Sanare Centre provides a safe, healing space for those who have experienced violence and trauma to have their voices heard, and we are an agent of change to reduce abuse and sexual violence. We are a recognized, innovative, and trusted leader providing violence and trauma support services, education, and advocacy throughout Southeastern Alberta."
Their prime mission is to support anyone across southern Alberta to help them find a path to healing: Children, women, and men. 
Unfortunately, with the increase in the rate of sexual violence of 21% between 2021 and 2022, the need for Sanare and its services is growing.
Sanare Centre helps shine a light into dark places with the goal of leading someone out of that darkness.
Our Club had the pleasure of donating $15,000 towards the decoration of the reception area at the Sanare Centre.
The cheque was handed over to Christina and Kelsey by Mike Christie, Director of Community Service.
Every year, the Rotary Club holds a cash raffle in support of the Rotary Music Festival.  Tickets for the 2023 Raffle are now available from Rotarians and online.  This raffle is the Rotary Clubs primary support mechanism for the Music Festival, which is in its 67th year.  Please consider purchasing a ticket (or two!!) to help us keep the Festival growing.
The website for online ticket purchases can be found at https://www.zeffy.com/en-CA/ticketing/63a3f617-fe73-44ad-9913-d0296da68041 or by scanning the QR code below.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!!
Dave Panabaker provided the updated that the raffle draw was Sunday March 19th at the Stars of the Festival and that the raffle team has received about 1/3 of the tickets back sold.  Plenty of time to get out and sell more, Doug Fleming, Glen Presley and Dave have extra tickets if anyone needs them.  Also tickets will be available at the information desk at the Cultural Center through the Music Festival.
The Rotary Club welcomed our new Medicine Hat Police Service Chief, Alan Murphy to the meeting today.  Chief Murphy was introduced by Rotarian Brent Secondiak, who also happens to be a member of the MH Police Service.
Chief Murphy was originally from our most easterly province, NFLD & Labrador and although he still has family "on the rock", he's been an Albertan for a long time.
The Chief was with the Edmonton Police Service for 27 years, the last 4 as deputy chief and has a well rounded background in law enforcement.  He came to Medicine Hat last year as Interim Chief, and really enjoyed the community and a smaller center to work in.
Chief Murphy spoke about the trends, both good and bad, concerning crime in our community.  He drew parallel's to larger centers and showed why some issues are present everywhere, and some are unique to a particular location.  He spoke about the impact that the COVID pandemic had on policing, on community mental health and those suffering with addiction issues and how even as the pandemic is in our rear view mirror, it has had lasting impacts.
The Chief was asked a wide variety of questions by those present and provided great answers.  The members of the club are grateful for the professionalism and the service of our Police Department, and wish Chief Murphy a success stint as the "top cop" in MH.
Chief Murphy was thanked for his presentation by PE Bruce Shepard and presented with a Rotary mug.
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