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Happenings in Rotary
The Rotary Club welcomed Kristen Price, one of the Adult Leaders of the RYPEN camp held every fall under the sponsorship of Rotary.
Kristen has been involved in RYPEN for 15 years, as a participant, youth leader and now as an adult volunteer.  RYPEN (which stands for Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) takes place at the South Alberta Bible Camp (SABC) near Lomond on Sept 20 - 23.  RYPEN focuses on students who wouldn't normally get an opportunity for this type of training, those students who are marginal or "on the edge"
It builds character and teamwork through a holistic - whole person approach and uses a lot of team based positive reinforcement.
Kristen spoke specifically about the "letting go" ceremony, and how it helps kids move forward by dealing with a past issue in a positive way.
Please encourage school counselors and teachers, to enroll kids during the back to school period, it can certainly change lives.
The Rotary Club enjoyed a talk by Sean Blewett, who is the General Manager of Community Futures - Entre Corp, and has a senior organizational role in the Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp, which has operated at Eagles Nest Ranch for over 20 years.  Sean spoke about the recent partnership of AYEC and Rotary District 5360, which will add this camp as one of the sponsored youth programs in this District and change the name slightly to Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp.
Sean introduced Ethraim Blair, who was a youth camper in 2017 and he spoke about the activities and valuable outcomes of attending the camp.
 The program begins every year with training for the Youth Leaders, who are previous campers and they will begin a week of training on August 8th at the Medicine Hat College.  Then approximately 60 campers, from all over Alberta arrive for the camp from August 12 - 18.  August 18th is an important day, it's called "business day" and its when the teams of young entrepreneurs are able to sell their products.  The public is welcome on the 18th, please bring "cash" and the sales go from 11 am - 1 pm.  Sean described it as the only summer camp where you can leave with money....Ethraim's team made over $100 in profits on their mugs and coasters last year.
The camp has a big impact on the post secondary performance of these students, those who take leadership roles in their communities or come back from camp and start a business.
Because President-elect Chris Perret will be at the RI Convention in Toronto next week, and then on vacation in early July, the club held our annual Executive Changeover meeting today.  President Karen thanked all the Board members for their support through this busy year, thanked those were stepping down and welcomed two new members who will begin serving in the next year.
The charge to the President and the Board was read by AG Dave Panabaker and the club thanks everyone who takes on an executive position for the club!
The 2018 - 2019 Executive are President Chris Perret, Past-President Karen Blewett, President-elect Margie Booyens.  Doug Fleming will stay on as Secretary and Gail Halderman will continue as Treasurer.
The Directors for 2018 - 2019 are Teresa Schile - International Service, Glen Presley - Ways and Means, Shann Snedden - Youth and Vocation, Bruce Shepard - Membership, Mark Sorenson - Community Service and Heather Bach - Club Service.  Thanks to all of you for serving.
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