Happenings in Rotary
A shout out to Rotarian Dawn Barr, who has been spending her self isolation time sewing washable face masks for use in a variety of situations.  Now sewing for Dawn is not a surprise to anyone who knows her but what a great way to help out and contribute while you are staying home.  Dawn is able to sew about 20 masks each day.  Dawn mentioned "How poignant that my mom was sent to Scotland during the war to sew uniforms and here I am sewing masks ..... history does repeat .... feeling her spirit".
If you have sewing skills, and some time I know that Dawn would be happy to share the pattern with you.
The Rotary Club welcomed new member Shalla Shaharyar to the podium to give her Classification Talk.  Shalla was introduced by Mike Christie.
Shalla began her talk by expressing her appreciation for the warm welcome extended to her by the members of the club, right from the first time she was present as a guest.  She was born in Islamabad, Pakistan and spent eight years and completed high school in Washington, DC where her father worked in the foreign office.
When she returned to Pakistan, she studied for a Masters in International Relations, then worked for the British Council and married Shaharyar, who is a chemical engineer.  The couple spent time in Copenhagen, Denmark where Shaharyar continued his studies.  The couple emigrated to Canada 18 years ago, first settling in Brandon, Manitoba and then moving west to Medicine Hat.  The couple have two sons, one studying at Queens University and the other at Medicine Hat High School.
Shalla works at the MH College, as the English as a Second Language Administrator, as well as doing diversity training.
Shalla described some of the positives and negatives of their immigration experience, primarily being so far from family.  Shalla joined Rotary to enable further involvement in the community, locally and internationally and because the Rotary Motto of "Service above Self" resonates with her.  The club welcomes her and thanks her for a great presentation.
The Rotary Club welcomed Honorary Member, Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston to the podium today.  Ted was introduced by Mike Christie, who spoke briefly about Ted's history. Mayor Ted had recently given his annual, formal "State of the City" address and he paid us a visit to give us the "Coles Notes" version.  Ted has been a council member since 2007 and Mayor since 2013.
Ted began by speaking about the "team" at City Hall...both his fellow Council members, the Executive and all the staff.  He is extremely proud of the performance of the organization and as shown in a recent article in the New York Times, as a community we "punch way above our weight class".  He spoke about the difference in municipal politics, and how everything is not as bad as it seems in the media.  He spoke of recent success, of the challenges with the recent Aurora Cannabis announcements (he expects 6 of the 36 production bays to be planted this year, with at least 50 - 100 jobs).  That facility is the largest "Controlled Agricultural Environment" in the country, over 1.6 Million sq ft. 
Mayor Ted spoke about the challenges in the home building sector, although commercial building is very healthy.  He spoke about the accomplishments of this Council including the completion of the flood protective berms and the work associated with transforming the "Gas City" with the abandonment of many of the oil and gas assets due to the expected prices. He mentioned expansions at Cancarb and the success of Qinetiq as reasons for optimism in the community.
Ted thanked the Rotary Club for the Rotary Music Festival, he credits it with helping a shy child blossom and finished his presentation with a poem titled "Invictus"...or "the unconquered".  Well done Mayor Ted.
Mayor Ted was thanked by President Margie Booyens, who spoke about the need to know the needs of the community, what issues are going unresolved or unaddressed and where can Rotary make a big impact.  Our club is reviewing those things now and hopefully will be coming up with local community service projects with the biggest "needs" in mind.
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