Happenings in Rotary
Our guest speaker, Klinton Nesmo, spoke passionately about the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) in our Rotary District (www.rypen5360.org) (rypen5360@gmail.com).
RYPEN is an annual indoor/outdoor summer camp of four days, for about forty 13-17 year olds, held on the Little Bow Travers Reservoir.
The emphasis is on facilitating personal growth and leadership development through experiential learning – learning by doing.
This year’s participants become next year’s leaders, which is not difficult to facilitate, as participants give the camp rave reviews and want to retain their connection.
RYPEN targets youth who have overcome adversity and can use the opportunity to experience and further develop their own strength and skills.
Heading up the camp is a leadership team of professionals, including social workers, counsellors and nurses. Rotarians are welcome to join the team. Rotarian Peter Imhoff (RC of Lethbridge Mosaic) heads up RYPEN at District level.
Rotary Clubs can sponsor one or more participants at the cost of $600 each – selecting a participant or sponsoring a place for a youth selected by another club. Clubs can also assist by providing transport for participants, to and from the camp.
The next RYPEN camp will be held from September 16-19, 2022.
We were privileged to hear our guest speaker’s very own RYPEN story and the impact his participation in the 2002 camp had on his life, which explain his passion for the program.
In his own words:
My involvement with RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment), dates back to 2002. The Medicine Hat Rotary Club sent me to a leadership camp in the Cypress Hills called RYPEN. As a Student , I had a life altering experience. I came back from this camp with more confidence, and the ability to take charge when needed. I was asked back the following years as a Youth Leader, then a Senior Leader. I am still with the camp, as a Senior Leader and part of the Administrative team. Having being involved with RYPEN 20 years now, I still hope to help change someone else’s life. Every year I hope to help someone for the better, as Rotary helped me years ago. And I would like to sincerely Thank the Rotary club for changing my life, and continuing to change lives for other youth across the world. As well as continuing to sponsor the camp for our youth in the Rotary 5360 district.
Forever in your debt
Klinton Nesmo
Amanda VanderMolen gave a very informative talk on how COVID has impacted the car industry, with particular reference to Toyota dealerships.
Since 2020, it has been a journey of ongoing hurdles and road blocks, an obvious one being the shortage of vehicles.
A chip shortage has evolved into a material shortage, including leather, plastic and the raw materials to make microchips and batteries.
Shipping delays and natural disasters have had major negative impacts, as has the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, inflation and major staffing shortages with logistics companies.
“Keeping frustrated staff motivated and supporting them with realistic positivity, while communicating with customers that we are doing everything in our power to help” has been a major challenge.
Elaborating on the shortage of vehicles, Amanda said that “Of everything we have coming in, 95% of it is sold, and the other 5% ends up selling within hours”.
While Canadian car sales are down, Toyota is still the #1 manufacturer for retail sales, year to date.
Amanda spoke about the increase of vehicle exporters and how Toyota is dealing with that.
The shortages and logistics issues are not just limited to new vehicles. Parts departments are also impacted.
Amanda ended her presentation by saying that the car industry has changed forever; that she thinks the shortage situation will get worse before it gets better; and that she is grateful to work for a manufacturer like Toyota, “who is always pushing to make improvements and continues to make great products and remain realistic – only sourcing material by ethical means”.
After her presentation, Amanda very ably fielded a number of interesting questions.
Gwendoline was born and raised on a family farm in Saskatchewan with 9 siblings.  She cherishes her farm background as it has given her the values she still carries today: a good attitude, working hard, helping others, compassion, empathy, and collaboration. 
Her parents, especially her mother, were a strong advocates for education. Because of this Gwendoline, her three sisters, and one brother all have post secondary education.Gwendoline has one son who has recently married. Her son has also pursued post secondary education, and is presently working on his third degree: a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Alberta.  Presently, Gwendoline lives with her spouse, Peter Mueller and their two pets Benni and Princess. Gwendoline obtained her Bachelor of Education degree in 1986, and this led to a rewarding career teaching for 33 years: 20 years in the public school system and 13 years at the Medicine Hat College in adult development. She also obtained a Master of Education Degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2020.When Gwendoline’s division closed in June of 2020, she was faced with a new reality:  "What do I do now"? So she pursued many new interests and took courses in painting, sewing, computers, and many other things. Gwendoline has also been driven to being healthy, fit, and doing what she can to help create a society that values all people. She is currently part of Rotary, Kiwanis, and the MH Police Commission, and she volunteers for Saamis Immigration.       Gwen hinted that she will have a new and exciting project in the "near" future. Questions from the floor were all answered. 
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