Happenings in Rotary
Treasurer Gail Halderman explained the logistics and requirements of the planned "drive-thru" Ribfest, scheduled for August 7 - 9, 2020 running each day from 11am - 7pm.  There are a number of logistics to organize, including power, propane and water.  The "ribbers" are very efficient and can process about a dozen cars a minute, so the service should be fast. Questions were asked about insurance, alcohol and traffic control which Gail explained.
The intention is that vehicles will line up using the Murray Chev-Olds parking lot, and will view the menu's and different "ribbers" offerings as they wait in line.  Then they will line up in the line they wish to purchase from, the ordering and payment will all be done on an iPad system and Rotary will be there to sell water, pop and perhaps pass out information about the club.
There will be 4 ribbers and one "tatter" truck, so lots of choice in the lines.
Gail asked Rotarians to consider volunteering, there will be approximately 3 shifts each day of about 4 hours.  We intend to have the Rotary Tent there, and hopefully can provide a "novel" event at this unusual time.  If you are available that weekend please contact Gail, he's helping organize our side of the event.
In another first for the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat, a virtual induction of our new executive was performed on Monday June 29.  A "Zoom meeting" to do inductions is certainly not the normal for our club but pretty much everything in the last four months has been usual, so this was no exception.
Margie Booyens started the meeting with a summary of the past year and a long list of "thank you's" to fellow board members and club members for all the hard work over the past 12 months. She reviewed the accomplishments of the club based on her "slogan" for the year of "Our Club harnesses diversity to strengthen the impact of Rotary Service in the community".  She spoke about the great additions to the club this year, and the flexibility to embrace virtual meetings and changes to our programs.  A complete list of all we've undertaken will be in the DOCUMENTS section of Clubrunner, for everyone's review.  For all the positive, there have been challenges including the loss of some valuable Board members in the process.  We are starting the Rotary year "leaner" but determined.
Margie spoke about the honor and pleasure of serving as President of the club.  She gave special thanks to a long list of board members, executive, committee chairs and Rotarians who provided assistance and effort through the year. She encouraged all to consider making themselves available for leadership positions in the club - "it is a privilege, fun and a growth-inducing challenge."
The new Board and Executive were inducted by AG Dave Panabaker, and are as follows;
President :          Mark Sorenson
Past-President:    Margie Booyens
President-elect:   Terry Partis
Secretary:            Doug Fleming
Treasurer:            Gail Halderman
Directors:  Mike Christie, Melanie Harty, Glen Presley, Dave Panabaker
After the formal induction, President Mark Sorenson took the microphone and ran the balance of the meeting.
Mark spoke about the need to collect ourselves, consolidate the good things about the club and move forward together.  He invited all Rotarians to be in contact with him, encouraged everyone to communicate and collaborate and think about the future.  He recognizes this may be a difficult year, with fund raising changes and less folks around to do the work.  But he is also confident that we can do anything we put our minds to, and the way forward is easy if we work together.
He spoke about the idea of moving venues, something that has been put on hold by COVID and that as soon as we can, he wants to start meeting in person.
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed both our current District 5360 Governor, Christine Rendell and the incoming District Governor, Mary Turner.  Both ladies were introduced by Dave Panabaker, outgoing AG for this area, who welcomed them to the meeting and provided a little background.
DG Christine spoke about this year of "firsts", not the least of which was the meeting of clubs, boards, RI and many others remotely.  It is great to see how many clubs and Rotarians have taken on the challenge of adapting and learning this new technology, some of which wouldn't have happened without the external stress of the pandemic.  Christine talked about her roll, the changes since the lockdown and how Rotary is dealing with it.  She spoke about the District Learning and Development workshops that have really made use of remote technology, making many opportunities available to all Rotarians.
Incoming DG Mary Turner spoke about how the travel changes have affected her, and that very soon the District level "impact of Covid" survey (with individual club statistics as well) will be available.  Mary also spoke about the volunteer connector project, putting needs and available volunteers together, the "people of action" partnership with Toastmasters to assist in training and her plans for her year.
DGE Mary will hold her convention in Drumheller, AB on May 14 thru 16, 2021 and has great hope that it will go ahead as a face to face meeting.  She will be holding virtual DG visits through the summer and fall and spoke about working with incoming President Mark of our club on the logistics of the new Rotary year.
Both ladies were thanked by President Margie, and the club was very grateful for their presence today.
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