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Happenings in Rotary
Tracey Jangula of the Medicine Hat Recovery Centre was the speaker on Monday and was introduced by Heather Bach. Tracey, an addictions counsellor and  manager with the centre started her talk by reporting that this spring, the centre will be celebrating its 3rd year of operation in Medicine Hat. Tracey advised the need for such a facility was identified a number of years ago, but it took time to find a suitable site and come up with the facility design. Tracey reported the facility on Kipling street was designed to serve the needs of their program.
The Medicine Hat Recovery Centre operates 24 hours a day, with an  interdisciplinary teams of professionals.  The facility houses two programs. First there are 18 beds for the Detox Stabilization Program, where clients spent from 3 to 14 days at the centre going through a program to medically manage withdrawal symptoms from the withdrawal of alcohol and other substances. The second are 12 beds for  the Intensive Addiction Treatment Program where patients can spend 4 to 6 weeks in a recovery program. 
In addition to the in-house support, the centre provides Outreach support, in the form of a social worker and Addictions Counsellor for people who have left the facility. Tracey advised that the centre operates on a "Reduction of Care Model" and have had good support from the Medical Community.  When asked if she though the program was a success, Tracey replied that she felt it was very successful, not only helping people with their addictions, but also with other aspects of their lives.  She went on to say that people with addictions often suffer from other mental and physical issues and the program has been successful in helping some connect with family, friends and other services in the community, all of which which can go along way to reduce addictions.
Tracey then held a question and answer session which generated more interesting discussion and information. Our guest was then thanked by Sergeant at Arms Don Davis who presented Tracey with a Rotary Mug. 
The Rotary Club welcomed Ron Riemann, an accredited Business Service Consultant with the Better Business Bureau (serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay).  Ron took some time to explain the origins, funding and purpose of BBB.  The BBB was created in 1912 and now has a total of 113 Bureau's across North America.
He took some time to speak about the Mission and Values of BBB, which is NOT a gov't agency, gets NO funding from any level of gov't, is NOT a "for profit" business or a regulatory agency.  They are really in the knowledge and education business, for consumers and service providers.  Much more information is available on their website at http://bbb.org/calgary 
He outlined the Top 10 Scams of 2017, spoke about how technology is changing the nature of scams and cons, and that law enforcement is likely not to get involved.  He spoke about the $95 Million dollars lost to scammers in 2017 just in Canada, and that they tend to prey specifically on teens and seniors.
The top three scams were
  1. Online purchases
  2. Wire Fraud/Spearphishing
  3. Online Dating scams
A great presentation from an authority in the field.  His parting advise, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!"  Beware.
President Chris Perret presented a short introduction to Clubrunner, the software program that Rotary in this District (and many others) use to run their administration, their websites and provide event planning and attendance management.  As well as the PC based program, a new addition to the options available is the clubrunner "app", which is available for download on most major smartphone platforms.
Clubrunner has a "public" face, as well as a confidential side that is available only to Rotary members.
Chris went through the login information, and if any member of the club is having trouble with that, please contact Doug Fleming who can provide your login name and password.
President Chris showed the members present the public club documents, as well as the location of the private paperwork, such as member lists, Board agendas and minutes and other Rotary documentation.  He also spent some time showing members the advantages of using the Clubrunner app, which provides contact information for all members.
Clubrunner has a great number of valuable features, today highlighted just a few and more will be explained in the near future.  As displayed at the meeting the "Club Hub" button at the top of the website, now contains President Chris's presentation and the information on downloading the app.
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