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Happenings in Rotary
Theresa Eisenbarth, the Rotary Club liaison with the Medicine Hat High School Interact Club provided an update on the club for 2018 - 2019 with the start of the school year behind us and with some time for the students to begin the organization process.
Ken Feser started his presentation with a quick story about his connection to Rotary.  In 1982 he was selected to be part of a Rotary Exchange to Brazil.  He found the experience to be very impactful to his life's direction and he raised the question " How do you measure impact"
Three key benefits of Public Libraries:
  • Children entering school are ready to read - thanks to Libraries
  • People are able to gather information and assistance they need to take care of business
  • The Community has a gathering place where connections and resources can be shared
The Medicine Hat Public Library
  • Completed the renovation of the theatre this year 
  • Saw 50% increase in program attendance over the last two years
  • Since 2014, the Library funding has NOT kept pace with inflation (CPI)
Ken left us with three thanks
  • Thank you for Rotary for supporting the Library
  • Thank you Rotary for your impact on our community
  • Thank you Rotary for allowing Ken to travel to Brazil
Brenda Lea is a Director of the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank in charge of Fundraising.  She shared with us her vision for their up coming event called "And All that Jazz"
  • September 29th, 2018
  • 6:30pm
  • Cypress Center
  • Tickets can be purchased online andallthatjazzmh.org
  • The theme is 1920's
  • You should go!
Celina Symmonds the Executive Director told us what this event is raising money for.  She told us Food Banks don't work for solving the problem but were created to support emergency food hampers.  The Food Bank has a bigger vision.  A Community Food and Wellness Center can support the whole community and the whole person.  Learn to cook classes, doctors, dentists, Food hampers and more....help them reach their goal. 
Club Business:
  • Chris is going to open the Rotary store again for clothing sales.  Watch for the link coming to email box
  • Motion by Ken Zollner Seconded by   Motion Carried
    • Rotary club of Medicine Hat makes an application to Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commision for a license to run the club 500 Raffle for 2018-2019
Notice of Motion regarding the Rotary Trail project
President Chris will provide a full presentation at the next Rotary meeting explaining all the details regard the change in the Trail project.
He will also be sharing some back ground information to your email boxes soon.. 
Club President Chris Perret and Treasurer Gail Halderman provided an overview of the Club's financial picture and announced the fees for this Rotary year.  For 2018 - 2019 the fees will remain the same at $230/person.  The presentation stressed the "avenues of service" for Rotary, and showed the cash flow of the club over the next few years.
There were a number of questions addressed to both Gail and Chris;
  • Dave Panabaker asked about the figures related to the Music Festival and the annual output from the Community Foundation endowment.
  • Dave Stalwick asked about the cost of the Rotary Centennial trails project, and whether the approval level of the Board ($1,000) had changed.
  • Jay Chesley asked about the presentation, and had questions about the actual budget presentation.
  • Wayne Chesley asked questions about the presentation as well.
As part of the debate, President Chris noted that a copy of the detailed budget, broken down by the Directorships of the club would be available on the club website.
After some debate, a motion was made by Gail Halderman, seconded by Roger Roy to approve the 2018 - 2019 Budget, and to set the annual fees at $230.  That motion was passed by a majority of the Rotarians present.
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