Today's business meeting centered around the adoption of our 2021-2022 Club budget.  Treasurer Gail Halderman walked the club through the various avenues of service and the proposed funding of each of them.  It is certainly not a normal year, but our Community and International Service projects are both funded and our contribution to the Rotary Music Festival is also in line with our funding agreement.
Gail spoke about the approach to the budget, which contains a few conservative estimates so that we don't promise more than we can deliver.  By spring, the funding and financial position may look much different, and at that time other projects could be considered if the budget has a significant surplus.
Gail spoke about our fundraising projects, and the need to finish the trail signage along Rotary Centennial trail.  As well, the club's support of the Sanare Centre is provided for in the budget, so that should be a wonderful project.  As part of the budget, it was mentioned that the annual club dues, of $250/year, are now due.  Gail is sending out invoices for those that haven't paid already.  The budget was recommended for approval by Gail, seconded by Dave Panabaker and approved without opposition.