The meeting was full of minutes and updates on Rotary projects going on over the past few months.
The RI Gold Club Citation certificate for the 2019-2020 Rotary year has arrived and is in the safekeeping of Secretary Doug Fleming.  PP Margie gave tribute to the Board and members for this achievement, our club was one of only four clubs in the District in 2019-2020 which achieved this recognition.
PP Margie advised that the group of new members, Shalla, Igor and Peter, are having a Zoom meeting on Wednesday (8 October) to decide which of the projects / initiatives on which they have gathered information, will be the recipient of the $1,000. Their choice will be put to the Board for approval, after which a presentation will be made at a regular noon meeting, hopefully before the end of the year. These members have enjoyed the opportunity this project has created, to get to know more about community needs and possible ways in which Rotary can respond.
So as not to allow the COVID virus to totally paralyze the NGSE program globally, District 3131 in India is wanting to organize virtual placements of 18-30 year olds with families and at work places in their District. If you know of any young person who would like to venture into this unchartered territory and help make the path by walking it, please ask him/her to contact Margie Booyens for further details. An application form will be sent out to all members of our Club, for distribution to interested young people. The NGSE program is all about exposure to chosen field of studies/work getting to know the culture of the country and people in the district, and voluntary service.
PDF Sandy Mackay reminded Rotarians that although this project has made great headway, the work is still not complete.  Africa has been declared "wild Polio" free, the only cases that now exist stem from vaccine related reactions, due to living conditions and diet.
It will be difficult to promote World Polio Day as we did last year, with gathering restrictions in place, but it was suggested that members please consider making donations to RI for Polio Plus, in lieu of October and November Zoom lunches - which would total $100.  The easiest way to make a donation is to go to "My Rotary" and sign in, and click on the donate button.
It is the clubs intention to publicize the efforts of Rotary through local media and social media platforms.  It is not a disease that attracts much attention anymore in North America as it has been so long since active cases were being treated.
Sandy will be organizing a  speaker (a neurologist) to address members on polio at a regular Zoom noon meeting.
Terry Cooper, a member of our International Service Committee provided a quick update on this project, which was started last year and has been severely impacted by COVID lockdowns.  The project was set to provide dentures to at least 300 patients, but was shutdown from mid-March through to late summer.  About 100 patients have been provided with denture work, and about $2,000 of our original donation of $10,000 has been spent.  The project will be ramping up again, depending on good public health conditions, and there will be a more formal presentation of the project once about 75% of the money and the work is complete.
A copy of the Powerpoint presentation on this project has been filed under "Club Documents - Presentations" on Clubrunner.