Our annual changeover meeting began with President Bruce Shepard giving his final report to the club and his last "whack of the gavel".  Bruce expressed his deep appreciation to the club for the honour and privilege it has been to lead the organization this year.
Bruce took a few minutes and spoke about the re-development of the Strategic Plan that occurred this year, and how it had a number of goals.  Bruce spoke about the hard work to try and achieve all those goals that has gone on through the entire year, highlighted by the wonderful "Why Rotary" event in April.  Membership is a key issue to the club and to Rotary in general, so the success of this event was crucial for the club.
Bruce spoke about the Team Freewheel work led by Terry Cooper, the Publicity team led by Kitt Brand and all the other activities that go on during the year.
At the conclusion of Bruce's "story", he called up Past President Melanie Harty who performed the induction of the new President, the new Executive and Directors for 2024-2025.
First President for 2024-2025 Mike Christie was sworn in and then the Board were read the induction document.  We all look forward to a vibrant and exciting year with this team.
The gavel of the club, was passed from now Past President Bruce to President Mike, to general applause.  President-elect Milan Vujovic was paying close attention, he will go through this ceremony next year.
President Mike then took the podium, and his first job was to present Bruce Shepard with our traditional recognition for service at the Club President, fittingly a gavel.  The club thanks Bruce for a great year and his service to the membership.
President Mike then gave a short talk, he promised not a "massive speech" at least to begin his year as President.  He spoke of some "tweaking" of the Strategic Plan after one year of experience.  He is very much going to stress "fun and fellowship",  which will begin with the evening meeting with partners for the District Governor's visit on July 8th.
We look forward to a great year, thanks to everyone who works to make the club successful.