The program today for Rotary was a group discussion, led by our club Membership Chair Mike Christie on diversity of membership, both from different walks of life and different classifications but varying kinds of, corporate and others.
It was our first attempt to hold a discussion like this over the "virtual" meeting platform, but Mike was successfully able to share his screen, talk about where some membership and club documents are located on Clubrunner and provide a breakdown of some area's where our club may be missing out.  A recent survey of club members found several area's of the business community where we could potentially expand.  As well, the suggestion was made that as we are members of the Chamber of Commerce, the membership directory of that organization might be a great place to start.
A variety of options and opinions were shared and all of us believe that belonging to Rotary is as relevant and impactful now as at any time in the past.  We all know people who would make good Rotarians, we need to find ways to engage them and improve our meeting alignment, and project contributions to match with a busy world.