The Community Service Committee led a portion of our meeting today, and Director Terry Cooper announced several project awards.
Firstly, the Committee had been approached by the YMCA to replace a number of the life jackets that they provide to boaters on the South Saskatchewan river.  Some of the life jackets that we provided in 2018 have been worn out, and are in need of replacement.  The CS committee met with the YMCA staff and agreed to donate a total of $690.00 to replace the safety items.  A "thank you" plaque is prominent above the life jacket storage area, indicating our support of this safety program.
Director Terry Cooper provided a "Notice of Motion" that based on a review of the location by several committee members, and approval of the Board that $2,000 be donated to the Redcliff Youth Centre, for a new standup freezer and dishwasher to complete the replacement of their kitchen setup.  It was noted that a gently used stove and refrigerator had already been donated by Alain Guerard when they replaced their kitchen appliances.  The kitchen is used to provide a hot lunch program for approximately 90 youth each month, and teach youth how to cook, at twice a week sessions.
Alain spent a little time speaking about the Redcliff Action Society for Youth and their organization on Main Street S in Redcliff.  They have a staff of 5 full and part time social workers and deal with many different youth in the area.  The Executive Director, Janae Ulrich gave a tour of the facility to Alain and Margie, and they were both very impressed with the operation.  It is hoped we might take a tour of the operation sometime in the future.
Dave Panabaker made a motion to waive our traditional 2 week waiting period for financial commitments, which was seconded by Mike Christie and passed unanimously by those in attendance.
The motion to approve the donation was made by Alain Guerard and seconded by Margie Booyens, and passed by the club.
The meeting finished with a service project, where 35 Men's Hygiene Bags were packed, in support of clients of Saamis Immigration and "International Men's Day".  The bags will be presented to the participants on November 16th.