The Rotary Club received an update on the status of our Community Services Committee from Director Melanie Harty.
The committee has been hard at work documenting their purpose and process, COVID has given us a chance to catch up on some of this administrative work.  Melanie reviewed a number of issues for Rotarians and thanked those who have agreed to make up that committee.
The nine members of the Community Service team have a wide variety of experience both in Rotary and in Community Service, so that breadth of knowledge is a real asset.  The current members have all agreed to serve for an approximately 18 month term, and will shuffle a bit in June 2022.  The committee has agreed on a "Purpose" statement as follows.
" improve the quality of life through tangible projects and activities within Canada and normally focused on local, regional and provincial jurisdictions".
They will have five area's of focus, detailed on the attached slide.
A number of questions were asked and answered and Melanie was thanked by President Mark, for all this great work and for the projects now to come.  The first one of those may be our Dunmore tree planting, which is tentatively scheduled for May 2021, once the park development is proceeding.