The program today was a short summary of the activity of the Strategic Planning group for the Rotary Music Festival.  As everyone is aware, as the membership in our club both shrinks and gets older, handling the Music Festival exclusively within the membership has become extremely difficult.  After several strategic planning sessions last fall, a small working group of Mike Christie, Anne Carrier, Wayne Chesley and Dave Panabaker have been working on a plan for the "Evolution" of the Music Festival.
The first priority is to ensure the Festival is successful and sustainable.  As well, it needs to be properly funded, and that was also part of the discussion.  The Rotary Club has supported the Festival for 65 years, and wishes it to continue long into the future.  To do that, it is recommended that a new model for operation of the Festival be created.  This new model will take time, this is a multiyear project.  The Music Festival is now operated by the Music Festival Society which is made up exclusively of Rotarians in our club.  
To summarize the results of the 2019 Strategic Planning workshops
  1. A commitment of the Rotary Club to the purpose/ideals of the Music Festival long term.
  2. Longevity of the name "Rotary Music Festival".
  3. Ensure that any changes are designed to make the Music Festival sustainable and successful.
  4. Updates are required to: 
  • Governance Structure of the Society, including public members.
  • Fundraising models from the Rotary Club.
  • Simplification of the relationship between the Rotary Club and Music Festival.
      5. Broading of the fundraising to make use of grants, tax status and estate planning.
The conversation went on for most of the hour, but in general there was support for those goals and for including engaged public members in the society.