Gabriella Hartung arrived in Rotary District 5360 on 6 August, our first inbound New Generations Service Exchange participant since the Covid lockdown. She is a Mechanical Engineering student in Germany. Her father is a Mechanical Engineer and her mother works in the Tourism sector. The District NGSE team had the pleasure of meeting Gabriella, her parents, as well as Margie's counterpart in District 1880, Christof Furtwaengler, through a number of Zoomed planning meetings, prior to Gabriella's arrival.
Gabriella spent her first week in Calgary, second in Red Deer, third in Lethbridge, and fourth back in Calgary, flying out on 3 September.
There were a number of Rotarians in each of these cities, who, with input from Gabriella, planned a week filled with discussions with engineers in that city, Club meetings and socials with Rotarians and Rotaractors, as well as time in the outdoors, where Gabriella was able to relax and get to know our beautiful District.
The four week New Generations Service Exchange experience has enriched Gabriella's understanding of engineering, mechanical engineering in particular. 
Gabriella's time in our District has given her deeper insight into Rotary and Rotary service. She has also had the opportunity to make life-long friends with both Rotarians and Rotaractors.
Rotary's New Generations Service Exchange program is indeed 'life-changing'!
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