The Rotary Club was delighted to welcome Impa Hiriyanna to the club today.  District Governor Christine Rendell was present today and did the welcome to Rotary.
Impa was introduced by her sponsor Milan Vujovic.   Impa has experience in the "non-profit" sector, and was inducted over her phone while she traveled to a meeting she had at 1:00pm.  Impa spoke about the profile of Rotary in the community and how several of her friends were members of the club.  She will be more active and available as the Covid crisis abates, and she is a creative person with many hobbies.  She is also a Mom, which is her top priority during this lockdown.
Impa was welcomed to the club by President Margie and given a "virtual" hug and applause from those members present.  We look forward to learning more about her in the weeks and months ahead.