Assistant Governor Keith Walker attended the club meeting today to participate in our annual Executive Changeover.
Past President Mark Sorenson assisted in the ceremony and newly inducted President Melanie Harty made a short speech.
She specifically thanked the Board, for dividing up the work and pitching in as we encountered challenges in this past year and she asked the club to think about three questions.
  1. Why did you join Rotary?
  2. Why do you stay in this club and in Rotary?
  3. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?
She asked members to think about their answers to those questions, as we go forward in this year.
As well as President Melanie Harty for 2022-2023, AG Keith inducted the new Board which included President-elect Bruce Shepard.
Returning to serve the club for another year on the Executive are Past President Mark Sorenson, Treasurer Gail Halderman and Secretary Doug Fleming.
The Directors for 2022-2023 are Peter Mueller, Mike Christie, Edward Lipin, Terry Cooper, Milan Vujovic and Dave Panabaker