The Rotary Club was delighted to meet at the Medicine Hat College today to listen to a presentation by Tracy Stroud, Manager of Business Development at the College.  The Community Renewable Energy Microgrid (CREM) was a collaborative project with multiple community partners.  It includes the visible components like Electric Vehicle charging facilities, small vertical access wind turbine and a solar panel array.  It also includes a number of learning opportunities and teaching topics for students studying to be part of this upcoming technology.
Tracy spoke about the genesis of this project in 2016, how it has incorporated new technologies and opportunities over the past few years and provided alignment with a number of pieces of MH College curriculum. Tracy answered a number of questions and spoke about a few future prospects.  Many of the project goals speak to the economic changes happening within our province and the country, and it is great to see the College get their share of opportunities.
For those who are interested, more information about the Microgrid and the Electric Vehicle program are available on the college website, follow this link.