Posted on May 16, 2022
  • Our guest speaker, Klinton Nesmo, and Assistant Governor, Keith Walker
Club Draw:
  • Anne Carrier won a coffee mug
  • None reported
Anne Carrier       May   5.
Doug Fleming     May 19.
Ian McLaughlin   May 20.
Ted Cowtan         May 25.
Dawn Barr           May 31.
Rotary Anniversaries: .
Ian McLaughlin         30 years     May  1, 1992.
Dick Northcott           22 years     May  1, 2000.
Susan Withers            4 years     May 14, 2018.
Dan Kammerer          18 years    May 19, 2004.
Wedding Anniversary Rose Runner for May:
  • Don Davis
Minute People:
  • AG Keith Walker encouraged members to sign up for the District Leadership Training Webinar on Wednesday 18 May at 7pm. He spoke about the District Conference in Cochrane on Saturday 14 May – attended by about 350 people; great line-up of speakers; Tent of Friendship on the New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE), manned by NGSE team members, including himself and Margie
  • Margie Booyens thanked the Club for the $500 sponsorship which enabled the District NGSE team to design and print a pull-up banner, posters, brochures and thank you cards, all of which had been in the Tent of Friendship during DisCon and all of which will be used over the months ahead, to market this program for young adults (18-30 years).
  • Dale Stein: 6 members had signed up for golf after the meeting. No golf on Victoria Day.
  • Milan Vujovic announced the Hues for Humanity run on 11 June, from 9-noon. A Rotary tent would be put up and three members were sought to have fun, throwing paint on the runners. There would be a free movie that night, with viewers just needing to bring chairs.
  • Dan Kammerer reported that a team of 6 had worked at Prairie Gleaners on Saturday 14 May – that another opportunity would be created – but that members could contact him any time if they wished to assist, as individuals
  • Terry Cooper brought members up to date with the number of bikes in his yard being fixed and the number donated. He sought the support of the members to approach ‘The Cycle Guild of MH’, another organisation in town that is doing the exact same voluntary work, to explore the possibility of a partnership. Members in attendance supported the idea. Mark Sorenson said he would take the matter to the Board.
  • Terry Brekko expressed the Club’s sincere appreciation to Keith Walker for the wonderful job he has done, as Assistant Governor in Medicine Hat. On his watch, a fourth (satellite) club has been established; he has attended our Club’s meetings on several occasions; he’s been great at opening communication channels and strengthening relationships between Clubs; he’s been supportive of and involved in all four clubs; AND he has found time to serve on the District 5360 New Generations Service Exchange committee. Good job, Keith!
  • Clubrunner is also doing a wide range of "Changeover Training, in May 2022.  Watch for an email, or check out the website and register for some courses. 
Upcoming Social Events:
  • Monday May 30: Rotary and Interact meeting at MH High School, starting at 5:00 pm.
  • Sat 4 June: Mavericks Game: Dugout deck seating reserved for Rotarians. 25 tickets available at $35 (which will buy a beverage and a burger). The game starts at 7pm.
Family of Rotary:
  • It was with sadness that we learnt of the passing of Dave Panabaker's Mom, who had just celebrating her 98th birthday. Sincere condolences to Dave, Deb, Dave's Father and the whole family.
Please keep Adolf Seiler informed about members so that information can be passed on to all in the Weekly News.