Posted on Jan 25, 2021
  • No guests at our AGM today.
Club Draw:
  • No draws this week.
Minute People:
  • From last week, Milan Vujovic passed along a link for an explanation of a "virtual" Festival, for all who have questions.  Jillian provided the update that we have 140 individual performers registered for the Festival and about 500 individual performances.  That is certainly "down" from past years, but given that this is a odd year, we are quite happy with the response.  Delynne has received a grant from the City for the COVID costs of the Festival, which will help defray some of the unusual expenses.  Both the Rosebowl competition and the Stars of the Festival will be held at St Barnabas Church, they will be live but there will not be an audience.  They will be streamed on Facebook and available on YouTube.
  • From last week, Terry Brekko spoke about another major fundraising activity of Rotary for the Music Festival, the program advertising and "Patrons of the Festival" endowment that we maintain at the CFSEA.  With a virtual Festival, and without a printed program, advertising is different but the fundraising is still important.  Tax receipts for 2020 contributions to the endowment should be available this week, and hopefully those patrons will still support us.  Don't forget to get your package from Dairy Queen in Crescent Heights.
  • Terry Cooper provided the following update for team "Freewheel".  A total of 5 refurbished bikes were delivered to McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association last week by Ken Feser.  The club received a very nice acknowledgement and letter of thanks from Jackie Middleton.
  • Dave Panabaker mentioned that the 2021 Rotary District 5360 has gone "virtual".  It will be held over one day, Saturday April 17th.   The registration link will be available soon.
  • Dave Panabaker mentioned that Club Leadership Team training is coming up.  A recent email from District is a reminder that Part 1 is Feb 20th and Part 2 is Feb 27th.  You can register for Part 1 with this link
  • If you have photos or a story to include in the Weekly News, please submit it to Dave P and we'll try to publish it.
Birthdays: January.
  • Dick Northcott        January 13.
  • Roger Roy             January 19.
  • Mark Sorenson      January 23.
  • Melanie Harty        January 25.
  • Jim White               January 31.
Club Anniversaries:  January.
  • Igor Grujic                     1 year           January 20, 2020.
  • Peter Mueller                1 year           January 20, 2020.
  • Gail Halderman            25 years        January 22, 1996.
  • Shann Snedden             4 years        January 23, 2017.
  • Herman Wahl                59 years       January 29, 1962.
  • None recorded.
  • Joe Hrankowski continues his recovery from heart surgery, we all wish him a speed return to good health.
  • Anne Carrier mentioned she had seen the Wahls, Herman continues to struggle with his health and we keep both he and Fran in our thoughts and prayers.
  • We send our best wishes to Anke Krickhahn, who has recently had hip replacement surgery.
  • Marg Mazerolle had knee replacement surgery last Thursday, she is already up and about and on the road to recovery.
  • Dick Bide is also doing well with his new knee, progress is measured by the amount of assistance he needs.
  • Kitt Brand mentioned that both the "Payne's" have had some health challenges, so we send them our best as well.