The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed back Past District Governor (PDG) Neil Berg from the Rotary Club of Red Deer East.  Neil was the District Governor in 2016-2017 and has been President of his club twice. Neil has assumed many roles within his club and within the District, and he is currently the District Membership Chair. He is still actively working in wealth management for RBC and feels his retirement is "a long way into the future".
Neil is a man who claims he has no original thoughts, but he has come across many great idea's for attraction and retention in Rotary, and loves to speak about them.
The first key point he wanted to make was clearly identified in the Rotary International, and District survey's over the past five years.  The "onboarding" process for a new member is critical to keeping them engaged and interested through the two most vulnerable periods of membership, the six month interval and the two year interval.  Clearly identifying a new Rotarians passions and trying to support them are key, as well as mentoring them through the bizarre number of acronyms and abbreviations that make up Rotary.
He spoke at length about "Vibrant Clubs", how they both share a common purpose, have diversity of opinion and thought, and a meeting has a certain "buzz" about it.  He spoke about being accountable, as individuals and as a club to make our strategy's work and report on them.
He finished with some tactics around being successful and how being "welcoming", having engaging and relevant guest speakers and working on picking potentially good Rotarians, worrying about "fit vs fill" was important.
Neil took a few questions and was thanked by our club membership chair, Mike Christie