Posted by Dave Panabaker on Dec 09, 2019
There were a long list of Minute People today, so it developed into a separate section of the Newsletter.
  • On behalf of Past President Chris, President Margie mentioned that the club Past Presidents will be contacted about their suggestions and recommendations for the next President-elect, to follow Mark Sorenson in the leadership of the club.  Please be thinking about candidates to take on this role.
  • Margie also reminded Rotarians to work hard on selling their Club 1000 tickets, so we are in a good position at the start of the year.
  • Ken Zollner mentioned that he, Sharon, Don Davis and Don's son Matt worked at the Co-op Christmas Party on Saturday and sold 50/50 tickets for their raffle.  They earned a $500 donation to the Rotary Music Festival, great work and thank you.
  • Teresa Schile, our Community Service (International) Director had two minutes;
    • First about our current project in Sri Lanka to assist in the dentistry to elder patients.  The first 6 have entered the program and the expectation is between 275 and 300 are hopefully going to be helped.
    • Second, that the International Committee is working on a new Indian project, with some of the contacts that our club used on previous projects.  An opportunity to go on a fact finding mission using District Travel grants in being explored, so stay tuned for that.
  • In keeping with the International Project theme, Wayne Chesley is going to do a presentation on the clubs previous 3H project in India on January 20th.  Wayne accompanied Sandy Mackay on a tour of that work about 8 years ago and has seen the "good done in the world" first hand, should be a great session.
  • Dave Stalwick is looking for a few more floor workers for the "Christmas" bingo on Monday evening, December 23rd.
  • Heather Bach advised that the delivery of the Christmas stockings will be at the Masterpiece Seniors facility on Friday December 13, beginning at 2:00 pm.  Please meet there, about 6 - 8 people are needed for the delivery service.
  • Heather also mentioned that she has set up a "Private" - Members only discussion group on Facebook to allow additional discussion and debate on changes to the club.  If you have a Facebook presence, please join in.....
  • Milan Vujovic mentioned that our most recent Rosebowl winner at the Music Festival, Soren Lorentzen will be holding a recital on Sunday afternoon, January 26th at 3:00 pm.  It promises to be a great afternoon of music, with several other Friends of the Music Festival.
  • Terry Brekko introduced himself to new and old members alike, he's been away from the club meetings for a few weeks and wanted to remind everyone that January is our push for patron donations and advertising for the Music Festival.  He hopes to have the packages available next week and because the Festival starts on March 1st, the funds need to be gathered in January.  Also, this is "ABSOLUTELY" his last year to be involved in this, after a 30 year run and he is looking for someone or someone(s) to take on this role.
  • Dave Panabaker presented President Margie with a certificate from Rotary International, thanking our club for our support of the End Polio fund.
  • Dave also mentioned that the club has been approached by the Children's Wish Foundation of Alberta, who are in urgent need of several casino workers for Thursday December 19th and Friday December 20th.  They particularly need an alternate GM for both afternoon shifts (3 pm - 9 pm) and a count room person for the second day at 1:00 am.  Please contact if you can help them out.
  • As a "post meeting" minute, Adolf Seiler phoned in the following.
    • The top three donation spots were;
      1. Walmart - Tim Hortons entrance.
      2. Northlands Co-op.
      3. Superstore.
    • Our club raised a total of $2,648 for the Salvation Army on Nov 30th, which equates to $47.28/hr for every one of our 56 volunteer hours.  Great work, and a BIG thank you from Adolf for all the cooperation and the volunteers.
  • Dave Panabaker also showed a series of photos of Rotarian Roger Roy at work in Mexico.  Roger was working with "Angels of Mexico" to build a playground and then with local Rotarians and members of the Saamis Rotary Club to bring wheelchairs and walkers down to Mexico.  His note read "it's just another day in paradise", but it looked like lots of hard work.