As an experiment in the 2019-2020 year, Margie Booyens asked the Rotary Board if she could challenge the newest Rotarians in the club with spend the "Presidents" $1,000 budget item on a project they all could agree on.  Today the club was treated to a wonderful discussion by three of our newest members, about three projects they investigated and about the one they collectively chose to support.
First, Rotarian Shalla Shaharyar and our guest Nicole Nemo spoke about Unisphere Global Center.  It is an organization that strives to "foster a vibrant community through global awareness and understanding"  Unisphere has three broad mandates; inclusiveness, social justice and environmental wellness.
Their project, which won the approval of all three Rotarians was phase one of a three phase campaign centered on the question, "What do you see when you look at me?"   The aim is to record a number of conversations within the community, from recent immigrants, disenfranchised and minorities, and gather their experiences.  It is definitely in line with Rotary policy on inclusion and diversity.
Peter Mueller spoke about the "B Youth" program and Igor Grujic talked about the "North Flats Neighborhood Association".  Everyone did really well, it was a very valuable exercise and we wish Unisphere every success in their task.
Rotary President Mark "virtually" presented the check to Nicole and Shalla, and we all look forward to their progress.