The club was delighted to welcome Soren and Laec Lorentzen to our meeting today, to perform as Duo Fratelli.
The boys were introduced by the Chairperson of the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat Music Festival Society, Milan Vujovic.  In part he wished to thank Delynne Lorentzen, Executive Director of the Rotary Music Festival and her assistant Lorie McKenzie for their great work and making our Music Festival on the best in Alberta.  He also thanked Don Davis, Joe Chacko, Terry Brekko and Jillian Koch, for all their hard work on behalf of the Festival.  He spoke about the measurable values of the Festival, the development and showcasing of local talent and ultimately careers in the arts.  He also spoke about the hidden values, the boys and girls who had a chance to develop self discipline, to perform publicly, to experience a sense of accomplishment, to build confidence in their abilities and talents.  This is the unmeasurable value, the part that makes a big difference and has far reaching impact.
Brothers Soren and Laec Lorentzen have been performing together since they were 10 and 7 respectively.  They have individually as soloists both been previous Rosebowl winners and have competed in the chamber/ensemble category for the past three years.  Their music has taken them to many parts of Canada and they have been both competed at the Provincial Festival.
Here is a link to their Rosebowl performance.
Laec will be attending McCoy High School in the fall and Soren will be starting a Bachelor's degree program at Rice University in Texas, within the Shepherd School of Music.  The club thanks them both for their performance and wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.