Posted by Dave Panabaker on Feb 26, 2018
Rotarian Joe Chacko took the podium to encourage all members of the Rotary club to attend the Rosebowl competition on Friday evening, March 16th at the MH College Theater, beginning at 7 pm.   After the winner of that competition is announced, it has been traditional that the club entertain the winner of this competition, at an evening meeting to hear a performance and celebrate the completed Music Festival.
That event is scheduled for Monday evening, April 16th, at the MH College cafeteria, for dinner and a special performance.  Please mark it on your calendar!
The Rotary Club and Music Festival Society Boards have worked together and developed an evening at our primary venue for the Rotary Music Festival.  The intention is to have a great evening social event, and then celebrate the winner of the Rosebowl competition with a performance for the club.  The volunteers at the Music Festival will be invited to join the club that evening, as a recognition of their work and a thank you for their service.
The event is scheduled for Monday evening, April 16, 2018, at the MH College cafeteria.  One of Joe's points related to cost, and that other venues had been considered but given the costs of our previous location (the Black Box Theatre at the Esplanade) the per person cost gets really high.  In order to cover the meal and venue expenses at the College, the charge will be $30/person on that evening.  Please mark it on your calendar.