Margie Booyens introduced Reagan weeks. Reagan is the Superintendent for the Prairie Rose School Division. She has two teenage children as well as being an avid skier, a Member of the Chamber of Commerce and  a Board member of the Sanare Center.
Reagan's road  as a teacher, educator and now superintendent all began with her first job as a City of Medicine Hat lifeguard. Her leadership style revolves around the thought that "How you do anything" is how you proceed in life. Reagan almost became a lawyer but the draw of teaching won out. Her first job was as a teacher at River Height elementary teaching grades 1- 6. This time then lead her to get her MBA (which was sponsored by the City of Medicine) and then her Master degree.
She was then given the position as principal of the Elm Street School. This school had the unacceptable position in having the lowest grades of any elementally school in the province. In accepting the challenge to change the direction and abilities of the children she partnered with the Medicine Hat College. She started with the induction of music with the help of many very accomplished musician from the college. She found that integrating music with high standards for teaching, had the students respond with better attendance and higher grades. She recounted her story of bringing the students to their first Music festival and the positive suggested improvements  noted by the adjudicators produced a positive response from the students and and more active involvement by parents who now fully support the children's music and the school.
Reagan has now incorporated that same principal but with sports, drone training and even training to become commercial air pilots. This is especially true with the aboriginal students who have come south with an elder. This training to be a pilot is needed for the northern communities. The main goal is Equity for all students.The 3 prong strategy starts with respect in the workforce,  updated policies and training in all levels of the school when significant issues are identified.
Overall a great presentation by a valued new member of the Rotary team. We look forward to  her contributes to Rotary and the community in the upcoming years.