Club Secretary Doug Fleming provided the club with a thorough and entertaining "reclassification" talk.  As this club has a number of very experienced Rotarians, the club Board would like to re-introduce more junior members to our senior folks with these 'historical" talks.  Doug started his talk by advising that he goes by his middle name, his actual first name is John.
Doug has been married to Joan for 54 years, and they have two children, Wendy and Chris.  They also have three granddaughters; the middle one's name is "Charlie" after her grandfathers (who were both members of this club!!)
Doug has had a varied career in surveying, regional municipal planning and consulting.  He joined the Rotary Club in Nov 1983, at the encouragement of Sandy Mackay and spent 16 years in the club until he moved to Hanna for 6 years.  He rejoined the club when he retired in 2005.  He served as Club President in 2011-2012 and since then has had the role of Club Secretary, a position he said might be "for life".
He spoke passionately about Rotary Youth programs, specifically the RYPEN program that he participated in and how the Rotary Music Festival was an important project to him personally because of his family's involvement.  He also talked about the Rotary Foundation, how it has become one of his charities of choice, for their great work promoting the eradication of polio.
Doug answered a couple of questions and was then thanked by President Melanie.
Other Rotarians will be asked to do similar talks, throughout this Rotary year.