President Terry introduced our guest speakers today. Jolene McIvor is the Community Engagement Assistant at the Veiner Centre. Cori Fischer is a Director of both the Veiner & Strathcona Centres.
Both ladies have extensive service in the non-profit organizational environment.
Cori started the presentation by stating although they report to the Kerby Centre in Calgary, they certainly want to bring in local desires to the newly re-organized Veiner & Strathcona Centres. They report they are starting to see a return to pre-COVID activities, and are currently back to around 50% membership they enjoyed pre-COVID.
Something new they are hoping to start up is an inter generational group between the seniors & youth. The goal being of benefit to both groups, with seniors receiving guidance from the youth on the new social media ways of the world, and youth gaining insight to the world experiences of the seniors.
The Bistro Cafe is now serving hot lunches between 11:30 to 1:30 Monday to Friday. The hours of operation at the Veiner Centre are 9-4, while the Strathcona Centre hours are 10-4 weekdays.
They reported that the first fund raising campaign is underway, to the end of the calendar year.  The campaign is called ‘Give The Gift’, and has a financial target of $10K they hope to raise. They are proud to state that all funds raised stay here to help offset the cost to run the Centres & programs.
When asked what specific ways our Rotary Club could help, whether as a Club, or Rotarians individually, responses included volunteering to help staff the centre’s, as well as $’s to help subsidize the Meals on Wheels program.
Lots of questions followed the presentation. Both ladies extended the offer to all Rotarians & Medicine Hatters to come down to see what is happening at both centres.