Our guest speaker, Klinton Nesmo, spoke passionately about the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) in our Rotary District (www.rypen5360.org) (rypen5360@gmail.com).
RYPEN is an annual indoor/outdoor summer camp of four days, for about forty 13-17 year olds, held on the Little Bow Travers Reservoir.
The emphasis is on facilitating personal growth and leadership development through experiential learning – learning by doing.
This year’s participants become next year’s leaders, which is not difficult to facilitate, as participants give the camp rave reviews and want to retain their connection.
RYPEN targets youth who have overcome adversity and can use the opportunity to experience and further develop their own strength and skills.
Heading up the camp is a leadership team of professionals, including social workers, counsellors and nurses. Rotarians are welcome to join the team. Rotarian Peter Imhoff (RC of Lethbridge Mosaic) heads up RYPEN at District level.
Rotary Clubs can sponsor one or more participants at the cost of $600 each – selecting a participant or sponsoring a place for a youth selected by another club. Clubs can also assist by providing transport for participants, to and from the camp.
The next RYPEN camp will be held from September 16-19, 2022.
We were privileged to hear our guest speaker’s very own RYPEN story and the impact his participation in the 2002 camp had on his life, which explain his passion for the program.
In his own words:
My involvement with RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment), dates back to 2002. The Medicine Hat Rotary Club sent me to a leadership camp in the Cypress Hills called RYPEN. As a Student , I had a life altering experience. I came back from this camp with more confidence, and the ability to take charge when needed. I was asked back the following years as a Youth Leader, then a Senior Leader. I am still with the camp, as a Senior Leader and part of the Administrative team. Having being involved with RYPEN 20 years now, I still hope to help change someone else’s life. Every year I hope to help someone for the better, as Rotary helped me years ago. And I would like to sincerely Thank the Rotary club for changing my life, and continuing to change lives for other youth across the world. As well as continuing to sponsor the camp for our youth in the Rotary 5360 district.
Forever in your debt
Klinton Nesmo