Posted by Dave Panabaker on Mar 05, 2018
The Rotary Club welcomed Tom Carney to our meeting today, to speak about Safety City.  They work toward improving community safety and injury presentation by education and awareness.  Their primary focus has been through schools, from Kindergarten to Grade 6.  They are a charitable, not for profit organization incorporated in 1981.
He spoke about a number of their programs, "Arrive Alive", "Home Safe Home" and "Trick or Treat", to name just a few.  They aim to be in front of approximately 15,000 students each year.  Last year they did somewhat less, about 430 presentations to about 11,700 students.
He spoke about their "Car Seat Clinics", which move from the Crestwood Car Wash to the Health Unit, and are on every Wednesday.
They are also part of a number of other programs, such as Day Camps, Babysitting Courses and Home Alone Courses.
A great presentation, lots of information.