The joint Esteli Rotary Club, Medicine Hat High School Interact Club and Rotary Club of Medicine Hat water project has been completed and is operating perfectly.
The project, guided by Medicine Hat/Esteli Rotarian Doug Thorson, aimed to provide potable water to 41 homes and approximately 200 members of the community for drinking, cooking, bathing and other domestic purposes.
The original pump for this well was a hand powered wheel, bringing up a small amount of water with each turn of the wheel.  It took 30 seconds for any water to appear at surface and the pump was in need of replacement due to wear and tear, and use over a long time.
The new pump in the well delivers approximately 100 litres of water every minute into a 2,500 litre storage tank, which then distributes the water through buried pipes to several faucets between groups of houses.  Water distribution is regulated for the time being and will be monitored to discourage wasteful habits.
The project was slightly delayed to January 2020 due to re-submission of cost estimates and municipal licensing requirements.  The contractor ultimately acquired the necessary permits and water tests to ensure that the well water was safe for human consumption.
The Esteli Rotary Club members and the Santa Rosa community members were the lynch pin of this project.  They provided much more that the listed $800US worth of labor and time.  Countless trips to the community, phone calls, meetings, discussions and then momentum to complete the project.
This is a life changing project for the members of this community, and with a total cost of around $5,000 is providing safe drinking water at a cost of about $25/person.