Terry Cooper provided some updates and information on a number of service projects, both International and Local that are ongoing.
First, he provided an update on the status of the first batch of bicycles that have been donated by the MH Police Service.  With the hard work of Terry, Peter, Ken and Roger, as well as a number of others, the first shipment has been repaired or scrapped.  A total of 12 bikes went to the Salvation Army, 3 are going to the MH Public library and a further 4 or 5 will be lent out in the spring.
Second, Terry reviewed the progress of the "Make them Smile" program, of providing dentures to needy seniors in Sri Lanka.  This project was started early last year, with leadership from Sri Lankan Rotarians who were members of a recent Rotary Friendship echange but was suspended as the effects of the COVID pandemic hit Sri Lanka.  The work has started up again, and Terry provided some great photos of happy people smiling for the first time in a long time!
Terry then reviewed an opportunity to partner with several other Rotary Clubs around the world, and support the "Tenderfoot" Self-Help School in Nairobi, Kenya.  As they have expanded, they are in desperate need of kitchen facilities, and through a contact of Kitt and Dieter Brand in Ontario, we can provide a contributions to this project.  The total project is over $32,000 US, and with a generous donation from the Brands, we can access unallocated District Grant funds from 2020 - 2021 which are still available.  Terry Brekko moved, and Dave Panabaker seconded the club apply for the District Grant for this project and that motion was approved.  Kitt Brand will do the grant work for the International Committee and hopefully we will know in a few weeks if we can access the funds.