President of the Music Festival Society, Milan Vujovic took the podium today and operated a Special General Meeting of the Rotary Music Festival Society.  The purpose of the meeting was to approve a set of updated and revised Society bylaws, which would open up membership in the Society to the general public.
After calling the meeting to order, Milan provided some background to the changes and there were a few comments and questions answered from the Project Team members.  After those were complete, on a motion made by Don Davis and seconded by Dave Panabaker, the revised bylaws were approved unanimously.  Anne Carrier, as the recording secretary for the Society, took attendance and confirmed that significantly more than a minimum quorum were present to approve this historic change.
The work continues, as new membership applications for the society were available at the meeting and the existing Society Board will begin recruiting interested parties from the music community.
Thanks were given to the Project team and to the existing Music Festival Society Board, for all the hard work that went into this project.  There is more work to do, but this was a significant step forward.