The Medicine Hat Rotary Club has an annual tradition, to spend an evening meeting near the end of the school year, with our Medicine Hat High School Interact club.  This Monday evening we were able to do just that, and. as always were impressed and proud of the work that has been going on all year at the school.
This years club has been led by co-Presidents, Jenna Schubert and Lydia Snider, as well as Vice President Sterling Clark.  The club has 20 active members and meets every Thursday at lunch.  They have participated in a number of great fundraising and learning projects this year, including Bake Sales, a poppy campaign for Remembrance Day, a 'fill a sock" promotion for those in need in the community and "Pi-day" (which involved teachers getting "pie in the face",  a huge success as a fundraiser).  Their earnings through the year were donated to the Mustard Seed.
The club also participated in the "Youth in Philanthropy" program organized by the Connunity Foundation of SE Alberta.  This was their 10th year in this program, and after consideration of a number of different charities, their funds were divided between Prairie Gleaners and the Alzheimer's Society. 
We all enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the high school culinary students, it was very tasty.
President-elect Mike Christie assisted the students with the silent auction that they ran for this event, and they raised over $800.00 for their next projects.
We all had a great time, really enjoyed the visit and the enthusiasm and energy of the Interact students.  Well done!