The Rotary Club welcomed Honorary member, Mayor Ted Clugston to the meeting today.
Mayor Ted was introduced by Mike Christie (as Ted Grimm), but we aren't sure he wants to serve in the role quite as long as Mayor Grimm did.
Ted ran through a number of issues ongoing in the community at this time, particularly the impact of Covid-19 on the business community and how the City has responded to help restart the local economy and give everyone a little breathing room to pay City Taxes as they become due at the end of the summer.  Mayor Ted also spoke about the large cannibis greenhouse being constructed by Aurora, as well as the annual potential flood event which this community has been dealing with for many years.  The berms are almost finished, but as the Mayor said "a 98% berm is basically not much good, so that work continues".
Ted took a few questions and spoke about the impact of the social distancing and shutdown on operations at City Hall.  As always, a great talk...thanks for your time today Mayor Ted!!