Terry Cooper, Director of International Service took the "stage" and did a presentation on the activities of the committee over the past year, as well as proposed the participation in a new project.  He began his presentation by speaking about the need to recruit new members of the committee over the past year, with changes in club membership.  He also spoke about some reorganizing of the committee records that has taken place, they now have a "Dropbox" site where records and information are stored and can be shared with the club,
He spoke about getting the group active again, about some updates on the "Make 'em Smile" project in Sri Lanka and provided a review about a couple of other projects that were proposed.  He also mentioned the Tenderfoot "Self Help" School kitchen and cafeteria project in the Kangemi slum, in Nairobi, Kenya.  Kitt Brand will provide a update on that project when she receives one.
Terry finished his update with the opportunity to participate in a unique project, "3D Limbs - Columbo, Sri Lanka".  The project came to the committee’s attention in February when they were following up on the Make Them Smile Dental Project with the Rotary Club of Capital City Columbo Sri Lanka.  The committee had a Zoom call with Paul Cahill of the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial and Sri Lanka club members Stephnie Rodrigo and Supem de Silva. The  Committee decided to pursue this project given it was cost effective ($2000 US from club’s 2021-22 budget), and we would partner with 3 Calgary clubs and an Ontario club, and looked like a promising project that would have an immediate impact on children in the area,
The project involves providing the necessary seed money (scanners, software, printers, and training of local technicians) to set up the production artificial limbs below knee using 3D printers. The target audience would be youth under 23 from impoverished regions in Sri Lanka, and the technology allows for a better fit and alignment with the knee socket which needs adjustment every 6 months due to leg growth.
Based on a motion from Terry, seconded by Dave Panabaker, the club agreed to make allowance for this project in our 21-22 budget.  That motion was approved unanimously and we will all watch this project with interest.