Posted by Dave Panabaker on Jan 08, 2018
As an important part of our recent Strategic Plan, and to provide help in our recruiting activities for Membership, and as part of our Centennial Celebration the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat initiated a Rotary Impact Assessment last year.  The intention was to provide statistics, feedback, testimonials and collaboration for the activities of the club.
After an RFP, a local Rotarian from the Sunrise Rotary Club, Jace Anderson was selected to undertake this work, and was in attendance to provide some of the early findings and some update on the progress.  It was unfortunate that President Karen couldn't be here, but she was briefed in advance of her holiday.  Jace also mentioned when he started his presentation that he was recording it, so Karen could listen to it on her return.  Jace is the director of  Destination Marketing Medicine Hat, who operate the tourist center and provide promotional services to local events.
Jace began by speaking about the early years of the club, which was the first service club in Medicine Hat for many years after it's 1918 charter.  He spoke about the total value of the donations through the club ($1.26M), as well as some of the early years and the value in today's dollars of those funds.
He spoke about the two kinds of projects, those identified by the community that Rotary would help to bring to fruition and those identified within the club, which engaged the club membership and were undertaken over the entire world within the Rotary family.
He used a few examples, such as the installation of the first elevator in the MH General Hospital in 1925, the long history of support by the RC of MH for the Salvation Army kettles program, our support of the Rotary youth programs, from long term exchange to RYPEN, RYLA and Interact, and to water safety, from the original swimming hole on Seven Persons creek, to building the pool in Rotary Park and support for swimming lessons.
He was asked a few questions and all of us look forward to the data and material from his work.