The Rotary Club was delighted to welcome the new Police Chief for Medicine Hat, Mike Worden to the meeting.  Mike was introduced by Director Mike Christie, standing in for our newest Rotarian, Inspector Brent Secondiak.  Mike C. was provided an extensive biography on Chief Worden and provided a great intro.  Chief Worden is an advocate of life long learning and was a long service employee with the Calgary Police force.
Chief Worden is a native (almost) Medicine Hat, his family moved to town in 1972 when he was 3.  His father was the pastor of Westminster United Church, and has remained in town in his retirement.
Chief Worden attended Central Park School, Alexandra Jr High and Medicine Hat High School, so he knows his way around the south east hill area. He has a sister in town as well, so moving back to the Hat allowed for much closer family connections.  He referred to policing as a "calling" and spoke of the need to have "consequences for actions". but that jail is not always the right answer.
He spoke about the frustration experienced in modern policing, and how it's easy to blame the homeless, those suffering from mental health or addiction issues.  He spoke about "harm reduction" as a part of a strategy to break the cycles that can cause crime or community unhappiness, and how those efforts need to work closely together.
He also spoke about the Medicine Hat Police Service "app" for those with smart phones.  It is a great way to be in touch with events in the community, and be "in the know" about police activities.  If you have a smart phone, and you know how to use it, please download the app (pictured below).  It is a great tool.
Above is the screen display, and the icon for the app.  Use it!
Mike was asked and answered a wide variety of questions about police issues, and we all thanked him for attending and his frankness about the role his officers must play.
We all wish him well, and welcome Mike and his spouse Clare back to Medicine Hat!!