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President Remarks:

The meeting began with a moment of silence, to acknowledge the terrible tragedy in Nova Scotia over the weekend.


Dear Rotarians and Friends

What an informative and well attended Zoom noon meeting on Monday 20 April! – 35 members and guests, plus our two guest speakers from the Community Foundation!

In a few weeks time, when the Membership Committee undertakes a second round of phone calls to Club members, we will be sure to ask who would like assistance to connect with our Monday meetings. It would be great to have more than half of our members participating. We need to be sure that going the virtual route is not excluding any of our members unnecessarily.

At the monthly Board meeting on 15 April, it was decided that three of our Wise Men (Gail H, Mark S and Terry P) would review the financial situation of the Club, what with our sources of income having been curtailed due to the lockdown, social distancing situation in Medicine Hat. They will report to the Club on Monday 27 April. With the financial situation clarified, the Board will be in a better position to sensibly plan Club activities and expenditures in the last months of this Rotary year.

The Board is weighing up possible Club responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. One option, discussed at our noon meeting on 20 April, is members donating to the Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, in lieu of what may have been spent on Monday meeting meals. This Fund will be allocated to a range of community service organisations, including those we supported in ‘normal’ times, namely the Salvation Army and the Food Bank.

Please join in our Business Meeting on Monday 27 April. We’ll be talking Club finances, donating to the Community Foundation’s COVID Fund, changes in current Board membership and the new slate of Directors for the 2020/21 Rotary year.

In the meantime, keep on taking care!

Rotary Club - "What we can do"
  • Everyone should have received an email from Heather Bach, with a number of web links to information on Virus protection, self isolation and social distancing. As well, the City of Medicine Hat website has a relatively complete list of local issues....check this out as well.
  • From an email to all Rotary District 5360 members from DG Christine Rendell on April 4th, the District has provided a single website to provide up to date information on other club meetings, on activities around the District and some links to Covid-19 sources as well.
Rotary Club "What-z New":
  • Just a reminder that "when" meetings start up again, they will take place in the Courtyard Room, Medicine Hat College.  
Rotary Club Membership Update:
  • None this week.
Rotary Club Information:
  • Housekeeping:
    • Please collect club draw items.  It is an important part of our meeting and the funds generated help to run the club.
    • If you have a Meeting Minute, please phone or email the Newsletter and we'll include it.
    • Board minutes can be found on ClubRunner, under Club Documents.
Upcoming Club Program, Activities, and Meetings
Upcoming Rotary Club, District and International Events:
  • POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Club Leadership Training 
  • POSTPONED until FALL 2020 - District 5360 convention May 1 - 3, 2020 in Calgary.
  • AS OF MARCH 19 CANCELED - Rotary International Convention, June 6 - 10, 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Future Programs:
  • The Rotary Club's Program Coordinator is Jillian Koch.  If you have future program ideas, please email Jillian at
Youth Vital Conversations - CFSEA
The Rotary Club welcomed guests Sue Edwards and Chris Christie from the Community Foundation of South Eastern Alberta to our meeting today, to speak about a recent project involving youth in the community, and conversations about what they saw as issues and possible solutions.
The Project, which was financed by a large grant from RBC had two main objectives. The first was a "Future Launch Community Challenge" where $60,000 was granted to youth-led initiatives across SE Alberta.  The second was "Youth Vital Conversations" where facilitators hosted youth and directed them through a questionnaire initiative.  The team met with over 800 youth at a wide variety of locations, and many of the participates used a smart phone app to input their answers.
As well, what do you see as the biggest issues facing youth?
Next steps involve sharing the results with Community Partners as they were doing today, sharing data with the Medicine Hat College which was very interested in the results, aligning the grant priorities with the Community Impact Award to reflect the feedback and to report to the RBC Foundation.
Obviously some of the work as slowed down with the recent pandemic restrictions, but they hope to finished over the summer.
Winter in Mesa, Arizona. 2019/2020

Ric and I enjoy 5-1/2 months in our Winter Home (Valle Del Ore), Mesa Arizona. When we arrive the end of October, we immediately begin our busy routine of Water Aerobics, Cycling, Hiking, Tennis, and volunteer duties with the weekly Chapel Service.

We belong to the 250-member Tennis Club, which plays on six courts of artificial turf. There is a league with several other parks in the Mesa area, which we play in.

My real story begins with being the Tennis Clubs, Campaign Chairman for an ‘Adopted Family at Christmas”. Each November, contact is made with the East Valley Baptist church who provides a Food Bank for destitute families. Our designated family provides requests for basic needs (ie: TP paper, laundry soap, diapers, etc.) as well as clothes, and Christmas gifts for the family.

This year we were connected with a single Father (Josh) and his two sons (Nathan – 10 and Ricky – (8). They’re connection with the Church and Food Bank began one day in early November when the truck they were living in ran out of gas. They rolled into the parking lot of the Church, sleeping in the truck that night. The wonderful, caring Pastor Hughes and his wife Mary, took them in and provided food, found living quarters, clothing, and gas money. In return Josh helped stock the food bank shelves and other odd jobs.

I started the collection from Tennis Club members and a friend and I shopped for requested items. The purchases and gifts were wrapped & presented. First on the agenda, however, was paying December’s rent before eviction December 5th. Truck was then repaired with money donated by a member. Transportation other than bikes could now be used to get the boys to school. Broken bikes were repaired by Ric and two newer ones purchased from Goodwill.I approached Management of our Park and by the middle of December, Josh had a job with the Maintenance Department. This $15 an hour job and $940 rent still led to further needs. Food was provided by the Tennis Club, as well as the Food Bank. The next wall was hit, when the repaired truck broke down, and once again the Tennis Club membership stepped up and a used van, in excellent work order, was purchased, insurance bought, and Josh and the boys have good wheels.

Josh continues to work hard and do whatever he can do to support the three of them. This was a very rewarding experience, as I am totally convinced this young Dad and his boys have found a new life

Even though this was not a Rotary Club connection, it was “service above self”, which I have learned to live by through my Rotary involvement.

Meeting News
  • Keith Walker - Sunrise RC
  • Clare Lyndsey - Sunrise RC
  • Sharon McDonnell - Saamis RC
  • Sue Edwards and Chris Christie  - CFSEA
Minute People:
  • Chris Christie mentioned that Community Foundations across the country are facilitating a "stay at home" Gala, on Saturday May 2nd, 6 pm local time.  There is a one hour national program and then a one hour local program.
  • Theresa Eisenbarth wanted to get the message out that although the Interact Garage Sale is currently on hold, she believes it is a great idea as a fundraiser and if any club member or friend of Rotary is doing any cleaning out at home, and has goods that could be donated to the garage sale to be in touch with her.  She has a spot to keep a small amount of stuff that could be saved for the sale (whenever it is held).
  • If you have photos or a story to include in the Weekly News, please submit it to Dave P and we'll try to publish it.
Birthdays: The month of April
  • Shalla Shaharyar    April 28.
Club Anniversaries: The month of April.
  • Jay Chesley                 4 years        April 25, 2016.
  • No attendance being recorded during the pandemic period!
  • Glen Presley will be undergoing stem cell transplant surgery in the late spring, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
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