President's Information
President's Remarks:

It was Past President Karen Blewett's turn to manage the meeting today, in the absence of President Chris Perret.Karen welcomed everyone to the first day of the 64th Annual Rotary Music Festival.
PP Karen also indicated that Director of Ways and Means, Glen Presley will be at the podium next week.
PP Karen also did a short Rotary Fun Fact about projects that our club has done in the county, including a picnic in Elkwater in July 1918, sponsorship of a girls camp in Elkwater in 1925 and recent support for projects like RYPEN and RYEC at Eagles Nest over the past few decades.
PP Karen also reminded club members that Sunrise Rotary and Adaptive Sport Wheelchair Basketball Charity Tournament is scheduled for Saturday March 23, 2019 (12:30 pm - 8:30 pm) at the FLC.  It's a great opportunity to support this worthwhile fundraiser and learn about this growing sport.
Rotary Club Information:
  • Upcoming meetings:
    • The next meeting will feature Director of Ways and Means, Glen Presley as the "acting" President
    • Karen also reminded everyone of the Club Strategic Planning update, on Saturday April 6 from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Housekeeping:
    • Please bring auction items.  It is an important part of our meeting.
    • If you have a Meeting Minute, please send Pres Chris a note (email, phone, in-person)
    • Board minutes can be found on ClubRunner, under Club Documents.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Rotary District 5360 Convention, May 3 - 5, 2019 in Olds, AB. DG Dan is proposing a different and exciting district conference, so members are encouraged to register.  So far it looks like 5 members are planning to attend.
  • Rotary International Conference in Hamburg Germany in June 2019
Club Strategic Planning:
Just as a reminder, a short Strategic Planning Questionnaire has been emailed out to members, asking for feedback on strategic priorities and fundraising.  The results of this survey will be part of the strategic planning session in the New Year. The date for that session is April 6, the first Saturday in April.
Please complete the Strategic Planning Questionnaire and either bring it to the next meeting or email it back to Chris.  This is an opportunity for all members to express their opinion and to have their voices heard.
Future Programs:
  • For more Club activities, to keep up with events and stay in touch, check the Club website at:
  • If you have any future program ideas, please email Jillian Koch at
Cypress County update
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed County Reeve Dan Hamilton to the meeting today.  Dan spoke about the large rural municipality which surrounds Medicine Hat and Redcliff and talked about a number of the upcoming projects in the county.
First, Dan spoke about the great enthusiasm that Cypress County has for the construction of the walking trail connecting the City trail network to the Desert Blume development.  They are thrilled that Rotary is a part of that project and look forward to its start as soon as the frost is out of the ground in July or Aug......(editors note - hopefully not that long).  The other major recreation project is a new boat launch being constructed at the Sandy Point park on the South Saskatchewan River.
Also important is the creation of a signalized intersection in Dunmore, at the intersection near the High School.  Construction is expected on this work over the summer.
Dan spoke about a number of other projects, probably none more vital to life in the county that water.  The county leadership are developing a water strategy for all of Cypress County.  As well, the support for an equestrian center in Dunmore, and an ice surface at the high school are high priorities.
Dan also spoke about a number of interesting green energy projects in Cypress County, including the 91,000 panel solar PV facility at Suffield.  With state of the art solar panels, manufactured in South Korea this facility will be an interesting test of large scale solar power production.  Dan answered a number of questions and was thanked by PP Karen for attending the club meeting today.
Club Happenings
Meeting News
Introduction of Guests‚Äč:
  • There were several guests at the meeting today
    • Dan Hamilton, Reeve for Cypress County and our guest speaker.
    • Dan Kammerer, a potential transfer to our club from MH Sunrise
    • Lisa DesRoches, a potential club member.
  • Dave Panabaker       March 7
  • Brenda Bauman       March 10
  • Mike Christie            March 4, 2002     17 years.
  • Dave Stalwick          March 4, 2002     17 years.
  • John John                March 10, 2003   16 years.
  • Teresa Schile           March 10, 2014     5 years.
  • Robert Shepard       March 10, 2014     5 years. 
Weekly Draws:  
  • Attendance draw today was  Milan Vujovic who was in attendance to win a free meal (BUT only one). 
  • The club draw was won by Dave Stalwick who took home a pair of Tiger ticket vouchers, donated by Glen Presley.
Club 500:
  • No draw this week.
Make Ups:
  • Sandy Mackay had at least three makeups in New Zealand.
Family of Rotary:
  • The club wishes Lyndell Brekko the best, as she recovers from her recent surgery.
  • A card was circulated for Cee Cee, grandchild of Dave and Joanne Stalwick
  • The club also sends best wishes to Herman Wahl, who is currently in Medicine Hat hospital awaiting transfer to Calgary to deal with a recent heart problem.  The club is confident that on examinations the doctors will find that Herman has a heart that is many sizes to large.....and we want him to hurry back to resume his duties as "rose" deliverer.
Minute People: 
  • Club Secretary Doug Fleming advised those present that Uwe Krickhahn has resigned from the club effective Feb 28, 2019.
  • Joe Chacko provided a list of the few remaining door monitor volunteer opportunities at the Music Festival.
  • Teresa Schile, Director of International Service provided "Notice of Motion" on two items that have been approved by the club board.  Formal votes will be taken in two weeks time and sufficient funds existing in the annual budget. 
    • Sponsorship of a tent at the Canadian Humanitarian, "Hues for Humanity" event on June 8, 2019 in the amount of $2,000
    • Participation with last years Sri Lankan Rotarians, in a "dentures for the elderly" project, involving a contribution of $2,500 of club money and applying for District Grant.
  • Sandy Mackay spoke briefly about the recent Friendship exchange to New Zealand.  He advised that six couples are reciprocating the exchange and will be in Medicine Hat on July 3 - 5, 2019.  Opportunities to meet them will be arranged and there will be several host billets required during that time.
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