President's Information
President's Remarks:
President Margie Booyens started off this busy meeting with a welcome to all, and advised that this would be a long meeting, covering a number of interesting topics for Rotarians, but we understand if you must return to work at 1:00 pm.
A reminder was also given, that next week's Business Meeting will feature some demonstrations of Rotary Club software, in Clubrunner and My Rotary.  If you have a laptop computer or a tablet and want to follow along, please bring it with you.
Margie also reminded those present, that our regular club meeting of Monday October 7, 2019 will take place at the Medicine Hat College.  Arrangements are just being completed, with a talk scheduled by the new College President, Kevin Shufflebotham.  Hopefully there will be an opportunity for a tour and a good question and answer session.
Membership Committee:
Watch this space for any membership information.
Rotary Club Information:
  • Upcoming meetings:
    • See the club calendar adjacent or the club website.
  • Housekeeping:
    • Please bring club draw items.  It is an important part of our meeting.
    • If you have a Meeting Minute, please send President Margie a note (email, phone, in-person)
    • Board minutes can be found on ClubRunner, under Club Documents.
Upcoming Rotary Club. District and International Events:
  • Saturday October 19th is the annual District Grant Qualification webinar. Remote attendance by club members is mandatory for access to District Grants.  Register for the webinar now, through the District Newsletter or the District website.
  • Dieter Brand has planned the next Fireside Chat will be on Oct 22nd at the Cypress Club.
  • World Polio Day is Oct 24 - a day to celebrate the eradication of polio effort, and the work of Rotary
  • Nov 7 will be a fundraiser for polio in Calgary featuring Jennifer Jones, Past VP - RI.  Watch for event in the District Newsletter.
  • Next District 5360 convention May 1 - 3, 2020 in Calgary.
  • Next Rotary International Convention, June 6 - 10, 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Future Programs:
  • For more Club activities, to keep up with events and stay in touch, check the Club website at:
  • Our Program coordinator is Jillian Koch.  If you have any future program ideas, please email Jillian at
Music Festival Impact - Jason Vaz
The Rotary Club welcomed Dr Jason Vaz to the podium.  Jason was a performer in the Rotary Music Festival from 1990 to 2005.  He began competing at age 3, and was twice runner up in the Rosebowl competition. After graduation from high school he started to focus on dancing and ended up pursuing dance professionally with Citie Ballet (Edmonton), Alberta Ballet, Ballet Jorgen Canada and several other companies.
He has subsequently pursued an undergraduate  Biomedical Science degree at the University of Calgary, and completed his MD at the University of Alberta.
He is completed his final year of Anesthesia Residency at the U of A and did a year long fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
His words said it best, " I owe so much of my current success to my formative years in the Rotary Music Festival.  I believe all those years of practicing endlessly, balancing multiple activities and dealing with performance pressure, set the foundation for me to be able to pursue music, dance and medicine. "  "Looking back, I am so grateful to the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat for their continual support of the Music Festival.  I really believe that studying music opens countless doors and that my childhood in Medicine Hat would not have been the same had I not been involved in music".
Dr Vaz spoke about the lifelong friendships he maintains with fellow performs and the self confidence he still feels to this day.
The whole club wishes Jason well, as he takes up his new position at the Children's Hospital in Saskatoon, in their Anesthesiology department.
Honorary Paul Harris Fellowship - Malcolm Sissons
DG Christine Rendell and PDG Sandy Mackay were pleased to present Malcolm Sissons with an honorary Paul Harris Fellowship on behalf of the Medicine Hat Rotary Club.
Sandy Mackay advised that this is the second recognition of Malcolm made by this club, the first going back to 1976, when then DG Leo Lewis recognized Malcolm for his work in the community and with a Post Graduate Fellowship in Grenobal, France.  Malcolm spoke about being newly married and spending a year in France.
The presentation touched on many Heritage and Historical topics within the community which Malcolm has been active in.  Malcolm is well known in the community for his weekly historical article in the Medicine Hat News and being a "go to" authority on historical places and buildings within the local area.
Malcolm's work and community spirit will be recognized later this year with an Alberta Award of Excellence.
All the members of the club congratulate him on his achievements and thank him for his service to the community.
Official Visit of the District Governor
The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat welcomed Christine Rendell, District Governor for 2019 - 2020 to the meeting today.
DG Christine was introduced by local AG Dave Panabaker, and told us about her experience with Rotary starting with induction in 1999.  She has now been a member of the Calgary East club for 20 years, and she and her husband Brian have been partners in the Rotary journey.  She joined while she worked for ATB Financial, as an opportunity to give back to the community and network through the business community. She has been President of the Calgary East club and a member of the District 5360 Board. 
She is working this year under a motto of "Connect, Communicate and Collaborate".  She has been part of the Calgary East "Police Reading in School" program, mentoring youth and building homes in Mexico.  She believes the time is exactly right for Rotary, for growing it with our increasing diverse community and she read the new "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement".  There is room for everyone in Rotary.
Rotary's Strategic Plan has four pillars
  1. Increase our impact.
  2. Expand our Reach.
  3. Enhance Participation and Engagement.
  4. Increase our Ability to Adapt.
DG Christine thanked everyone for all they do for Rotary, and provided a summary of upcoming events and activities in the District.
Christine was thanked by President Margie, and given a Rotary "Half-full" cup to commemorate her visit.
Meeting News
Introduction of Guests‚Äč:
  • District Governor Christine Rendell.
  • Brian Carnahan, Rotary Club of Calgary East.
  • Shalla Shaharyar, Medicine Hat College, guest of Margie Booyens.
  • Malcolm and Jennifer Sissons, guests of Sandy Mackay.
  • Jason Vaz, guest of Anne Carrier.
  • Deb Panabaker, guest of Dave Panabaker.
  • Johan Booyens, guest of Margie Booyens.
  • No birthdays this week.
  • None this week.
Weekly Draws:  
  • The attendance draw this week was Joan Sauve, who has NOT present and didn't win a free meal
  • The club draw this week was some wonderful Nicaraguan cigars, donated by Doug Thorson, and was won by Don Davis.
Club 500:
  • $500 draw this month was won by Chris Baba, on a ticket sold by Jack Snedden.
  • $1,500 draw this month was won by Clayton Kirbysons, on a ticket sold by Gail Halderman.
Make Ups:
  • None to report.
Family of Rotary:
  • Please advise Adolf Seiler if there is anything to be shared with the club..
Minute People: 
  • For those that missed the "minute" by Les Scholly, PP of the MH Sunrise Club a couple of weeks ago, Sunrise is currently doing a fundraiser with coffee packaged especially for them by the Roastery downtown.  The coffee cost is $9.00 for a half pound (ground) or $17.00 for one pound (whole bean).  Orders can be paid for when the coffee is delivered.  They order when a "batch" is spoken for, which is 15 lbs of coffee and it takes between 1 - 2 weeks for Mad Hatters to complete the roasting and packaging.  Please contact Les at if you would like to place an order and support their work.
  • Milan Vujovic reminded those present that the second session of the fundraising planning workshop for the Music Festival takes place from 6pm - 9pm, on Tuesday evening at the Baymont Inn.  All Rotarians are welcome to attend and provide ideas and feedback.
  • Glen Presley took the podium to announce that a licence application for our annual raffle in support of the Music Festival needs to be submitted, and that the Board has considered the following changes to the draw.  It will be renamed "Club 1000", the ticket prices will be reduced from $100ea to $50ea, and there will only be 3 draws, for a first prize of $10K, a second price of $3K and a third prize of $2K.  If the draw is fully subscribed, it will generate approximately $35K for the Music Festival. The draws will be made at the intermission of the Rosebowl competition in the draw will be over next year at that point.  This will tie the raffle more closely to the Music Festival.  The motion to acquire a licence was moved by Don Davis and seconded by Sandy Mackay.  It was approved unanimously.
  • Sandy Mackay reminded the club that World Polio Day is Thursday Oct 24, and he is looking for help in running an "End Polio" event that evening.
  • Chris Perret advised that the Rotary Centennial Trail is almost complete, hopefully we'll have some pictures for next meeting.  As well, a plan to donate $25,000 to Cypress County to complete the funding of a Centennial Park in Dunmore, with 100 trees planted by Rotary is coming together and information on the plan and timing should be coming forward soon.
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