The Rotary Club had a busy business meeting today, but managed to fit in some appropriate recognition of Rotarians and service.
First, President Mark and Treasurer Gail provided an overview of the 2020-2021 Club Budget.  The simplified approach was well received and there were a few questions from the floor. The document will be available on Clubrunner for members to inspect in more detail.  It was described as a "safe" budget, for a completely uncertain year, but covered our current obligations, to the Centennial Park project in Dunmore and to the 20201 Music Festival.  In general the club is very solid financially, and has some reserves if a project comes up.
As well, the budget was conservative (NOT a political statement) in the assumptions about revenue from gaming sources and our 2021 Club 1000 raffle.  With any luck, any surprises will be good ones!
Next on the agenda was a presentation to Rotarian Al Garden.  Al has been a member of the club for almost 40 years and because of change health and circumstances had advised the club executive that he would not be renewing his membership.  After a discussion with the membership committee, it was decided that we didn't want to lose Al's experience and company and the club was delighted to present Al with an honorary membership to the Club.  Al was grateful and expressed his deep appreciation for the gesture.
The next presentation was to Rotarian Melanie Harty, who passed the PHF + 2 level of contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  PDG Sandy Mackay presented the new Rotary pin to Melanie and made a point of saying that all of us are responsible for the success of the Foundation, and in many ways we get the funds back, so please keep the Foundation in your giving plans.  Thanks and congratulations Melanie!