The Rotary Club welcomed our honorary member, Mayor Ted Clugston to the meeting today.  He has recently provided the City, through an annual speech with the Kiwanis Club and the MH Chamber of Commerce, a "State of the City - 2021" updated and he was here primarily to answer questions and provide any clarification to the speech.  So to assist us in doing "our homework", he provided the link.  Several Rotarians commented what a thoughtful and interesting speech it was, complete with video's and poems! Here's the link to the whole presentation. 
Mayor Ted spoke about preparing the speech, how this one was different because the presentation was virtual, and how a discussion about COVID could wash over some serious concerns in the community and some great accomplishment by Hatters, business owners, the City and other organizations.  He divided the video into thirds, the first to underscore the damage that COVID isolation has been to the general well being of citizens and a significant mental health challenge.  He spoke about the rash of suicide and overdose deaths that have occurred in this area, and the ongoing work to address those issues.
He spoke about the work of Council, and staff.  The unusual situation that the pandemic has created and other needs, particularly the accelerated Financially Fit program, to deal with the impacts of commodity prices on our Gas/Oil and Electric Power businesses.  He talked about some of the great upcoming work, due to the Federal stimulus grants that will be taking place in 2021.  Some very interesting projects, such as expansion of the trail system at Echodale Park, a massive pickleball court project at the FLC, development at 603 1st ST SE and a canopy at Athletic Park, to name just a few.
In the remaining third he spoke about leading the team at City Hall through this time, thanked his staff and fellow Council members and spoke about deciding to run for mayor again in the fall of 2021.
He answered a number of questions on many of these issues, and we all thank for spending the time with us, to educate us and learn about what is going on.