Gwendoline was born and raised on a family farm in Saskatchewan with 9 siblings.  She cherishes her farm background as it has given her the values she still carries today: a good attitude, working hard, helping others, compassion, empathy, and collaboration. 
Her parents, especially her mother, were a strong advocates for education. Because of this Gwendoline, her three sisters, and one brother all have post secondary education.Gwendoline has one son who has recently married. Her son has also pursued post secondary education, and is presently working on his third degree: a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Alberta.  Presently, Gwendoline lives with her spouse, Peter Mueller and their two pets Benni and Princess. Gwendoline obtained her Bachelor of Education degree in 1986, and this led to a rewarding career teaching for 33 years: 20 years in the public school system and 13 years at the Medicine Hat College in adult development. She also obtained a Master of Education Degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2020.When Gwendoline’s division closed in June of 2020, she was faced with a new reality:  "What do I do now"? So she pursued many new interests and took courses in painting, sewing, computers, and many other things. Gwendoline has also been driven to being healthy, fit, and doing what she can to help create a society that values all people. She is currently part of Rotary, Kiwanis, and the MH Police Commission, and she volunteers for Saamis Immigration.       Gwen hinted that she will have a new and exciting project in the "near" future. Questions from the floor were all answered.