On Monday May 30th, the Rotary Club celebrated Youth Service Month, with our annual supper meeting with the students in the Medicine Hat High School Interact Club.  The yearly event keeps us up to date on the activities of the Interact members and introduces the whole club to the Rotarians.  The meeting was chaired by the Interact President, Ezekiel Salazar-Bojorgez and the MH Rotary Youth Services Director, Peter Mueller.
This year it also gave us an opportunity to honor the Interact student advisor, Sue Withers who has served in that capacity for more than 15 years.  She is retiring at the end of this school year, and will be sorely missed by both the Rotary Club and the Interact students.  We can not thank Sue enough for her many years of service and her outstanding leadership of the Interact group.
Rotarians were also introduced to Sue's successor, Tiffany Adams, who has accepted the challenge and will take over the advisor role in the fall.
It was a great evening, wonderful fellowship and an awesome meal.