The Saamis Immigration Services Association event on Monday 22 August was a great success, led by Holly Hoffman (LINC Instructor, class 1), Davar Broeckert (LINC Instructor, class 2) and Judith Gonzalez (LINC Coordinator).

Three Rotarians joined in.

After arrival at the Tourist Centre, the group walked to the Teepee and spent a good 45 minutes reading the stories about aspects of Indigenous history… and taking many selfies and group photos!

AG Keith Walker spoke about the origin of this, the tallest Teepee in the world.

Back at the Tourist Centre, the group enjoyed conversation, developing their conversational English language skills, and refreshments.

It was a privilege to meet these immigrants from all over the world, who have made and managed major changes in their lives. A flyer on Rotary in Medicine Hat was handed out on the bus back to Saamis offices.