Another service project is winding up for this year, as fall weather arrives and the bicycle season draws to a close.  Thanks to Terry Cooper for the notes on this project.
To date the bike "working bee" (Peter, Doug, Dale, Adolf, Roger, Marco, Glen, Anne, Margie and I) have collected and refurbished 138 bikes (122 distributed, 16 in Sea-Can ready for distribution).  Anne and Margie are currently in the process of identifying organizations and families to receive the bikes.  Most bikes have the police identification sticker attached, and can be registered by the recipients with the Police Service.
The Sea-Can also has the spare tires and wheels that we have stripped from bikes that cannot be economically repaired.  The new helmets (thanks in part to the Sunrise Rotary Club) are also stored in the Sea-Can.
Now that the weather is cooling down, we plan to look for more bikes at the police compound and start up the working bees with additional volunteers from the Sunrise Rotary Club.  peter still has 5 bikes he is working on at this place.  Our plan is to work as long as we have bikes and the organizations to give them to.  Once the cold weather sits in we will store the bikes for repair in the Sea-Can and will get back into the repair mode in the spring.