As everyone knows by now, the Rotary Club and the Medicine Hat Police Service have entered into an agreement to allow the Rotary Club to gather and restore up to 30 bicycles from their compound and donate them to local charities and public facilities that might need be able to put them to good use.
Terry Cooper, Peter Mueller, Roger Roy and others have been hard at work on the first "batch", lots of challenges and hard work.
Terry Cooper provided an update at todays meeting, the group has received both the Police Dept bicycles as well as 8 - 10 donated by Rotarians and other interested citizens.  About half those have been worked on and the Salvation Army picked up a load from Terry's garage the other day.  Each bike has a bright "Donated by Rotary Club" sticker on it, and the team continues to work on the idea of a helmet accompanying each bike, especially kids bikes.
Once work can be done outside, and some of the COVID restrictions have been relaxed, hopefully more club members can join the repair teams.  Terry did thank Gravity Sports, who is allowing the group access to their "spare parts" bins, and being helpful in some of the repairs and parts.