The Rotary Club welcomed guests Sue Edwards and Chris Christie from the Community Foundation of South Eastern Alberta to our meeting today, to speak about a recent project involving youth in the community, and conversations about what they saw as issues and possible solutions.
The Project, which was financed by a large grant from RBC had two main objectives. The first was a "Future Launch Community Challenge" where $60,000 was granted to youth-led initiatives across SE Alberta.  The second was "Youth Vital Conversations" where facilitators hosted youth and directed them through a questionnaire initiative.  The team met with over 800 youth at a wide variety of locations, and many of the participates used a smart phone app to input their answers.
As well, what do you see as the biggest issues facing youth?
Next steps involve sharing the results with Community Partners as they were doing today, sharing data with the Medicine Hat College which was very interested in the results, aligning the grant priorities with the Community Impact Award to reflect the feedback and to report to the RBC Foundation.
Obviously some of the work as slowed down with the recent pandemic restrictions, but they hope to finished over the summer.